Herbal Medicine and So Long Folks

It’s with sadness that I post my final blog. I have had this blog running since 2012. Over the years I have covered metaphysics, crafting and the most important of all, herbal medicine.

Traditional view of Herbalists


All of these topics are my passion. Herbal medicine always amazes me. That I can stand with a handful of leaves and sticks without being burned as a witch.

Historically, “wise women” ¬†were accused of being witches. ¬†Innocent herbalists were hunted down and put to death. Accused of being in league with the devil. Accused of causing harm.

These (mainly) women were the first people that anyone turned to in times of ill health.

Modern herbalist making medicine


Most modern medicines originally came from plants. Some still do. Others have been synthesized in the laboratory.

Certain plants like lavender have been synthesized. Labs can create the smell but they cannot create the healing properties of lavender.


The main reason I started the blog was to give people accurate, researched information. Herbs have interactions with each other, over the counter remedies and pharmaceuticals. Before you take anything herbal or “natural” please check the interactions.

I hear people all the time taking herbs because it worked for someone. They also take them because it is “good” for specific symptoms.

Here’s a secret. Herbs go to where they are needed. Even when an herb is “thought” to be good for a condition, it doesn’t always work on it. It may, however, work on something different.

A couple of personal examples.

Spirulina – I started taking it to lower blood sugar. It didn’t make much difference but it has prevented me from having any sort of cold for over 2 years now. It is an immune system booster.

Turmeric – It’s supposed to heal everything. Prevent cancer etc. I started taking it to see if I noticed any results. I had hurt my foot and it was a bit numb. A week after beginning to take it I got a horrible pain in my foot. The numbness was almost gone afterward. A week later another pain and the numbness was completely gone.

Herbs are very helpful if you know what you are doing. My recommendation? Before dosing yourself talk to a certified, clinical or chartered herbalist. Make sure you tell them EVERYTHING you are taking. This also goes for Doctors. They can’t help you if you are taking a bunch of things they don’t know about that are counteracting the medicine they are prescribing.

I once had a client that was taking Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was also taking another RA medicine that she was prescribed. She knew it was depleting her immune system so she began supplementing with 4 PAGES!!!!! of supplements. When I took a look at her info and her symptoms I realized she was overdosing big time on Vitamin D (among other things). In turn her rheumatologist kept giving her higher doses of medicine.

Please folks, make sure you do the research, consult a professional and/or talk to your doctor about any herbs you take.

I wish you health and happiness in the future

Love Joy