Silicone Dish Sponges Yay or Nay?

I am putting this blog about silicone dish sponges in the Myth Magic and Medicine category. They really are magic!

Wash cloths

Stinky Sponges and Cloths

My last blog was about home made dish cloths and how to clean them. It is possible to clean cloths but what about sponges? There is nothing worse than picking up a stinky sponge. No one wants to touch their dishes with one of those.

I was binge looking on and came across this

Food-grade Antibacterial Silicone Non Stick Dishwashing Brush Sponge Dish Towel Scrubber For Kitchen Wash Pot Pan Dish Bowl / Wash Fruit and Vegetable (Blue+Sky Blue)  They actually look like this

Thought about buying them for some time now and the other day I finally did. They are AWESOME!

Some of the reviews were good and a couple weren’t. I decided to try them anyway.

How They Work

The sponges are exactly as they appear above. They have little teeth for scrubbing. You can shake the water out of them when you are done and hang them. No water means no mildew and smell.

The number one complaint is that these don’t scrub well. I agree I wouldn’t try and clean a pot with stuck on food with them. I wouldn’t have used a non scrubber sponge either.

These little gems are meant to replace a plain sponge. They get into the corners of glasses and cups and replace a dishcloth for dish washing.


I discovered that they are great for taking dried on cat food from dishes. You have to soak the dish for a few seconds but they scrub the residue right off. Added bonus? They make your dishes sparkle. Clear glass looks so much clearer. They take the cloudiness out of my glasses. I’ve had them for a day and already the coffee stains in my favourite mug are almost gone.

One of the complaints was that they were small. I have large hands and they are the perfect size for me. Roughly about the same size as a sponge.

Another complaint was they won’t soak up moisture from your counter. I have a specific shammy for that. I did scrub some dried sauce off the counter with my silicone sponge first. Unlike sponges that will pick up bacteria from wiping your counter, these won’t.

What Else Can You Use Them For

I haven’t tried it for the other uses yet but I will. The back has a surface that will work as a hot mat. You can also use them as an oven mitt apparently.  I will definitely try them for scrubbing veggies so I can get rid of my other scrubbers

The bottom line folks is this is the best $9.99 I’ve ever spent. There are 2 in the package so you always have a spare.