Manifesting and Fun

Recently I have been creating hypnosis sessions to assist people in manifesting the lives they truly want.  Removing blockages that don’t allow them to believe that they deserve to have happiness and abundance.

It has made me think a lot about why we are all trying so hard.  Manifesting the life we want should be as simple as deciding what that is, letting go and letting it happen.  The biggest things that I have created for myself have always come the easiest.  I just decided I would retire at 50 without knowing how and circumstances arranged themselves to create this reality for me.

Master Manifesting

One of the people I look up to the most is my friend Louise.  In 1977 she decided that she wanted to marry a farmer and have 6 children.  She didn’t dwell on it.  I think she believed that in order to accomplish this she would have to move to Edmonton Alberta.

In the meantime she just went on living her life.  She decided to go visit her cousin in Northern Ireland for a couple of months.  After she settled in she took a part time job and her letters seemed filled with happiness.

Shortly after she arrived she began to speak of the farmer down the road.  They began dating and sure enough they decided to get married.  They went on to have 6 children!  The life she had decided on was now her reality.

No Such Thing As Perfect

What people that are trying to manifest seem to miss is that “the perfect life” doesn’t exist.  You don’t simply reach your goal and that is the end of it.  My friend definitely has the life she wanted however, she has a real life.  She has had her ups and downs, her homesickness and the everyday concerns of raising 5 boys and a girl.  I have never heard her say in all of these years “this wasn’t what I expected”.What she has taught me is that while you can create the reality you want, you have to continue creating it on a daily basis.

How Do I Manifest?

How do you do this?  By living your life.  Truly living your life!  She doesn’t sit and meditate or affirm constantly.  She is still the most brilliant and amazing creator of her own life that I have ever met.  She is also extremely busy.  She is always out and about running the local kids groups, visiting with her many miraculous grandchildren, traveling and being a good friend.

If there is something she wants to manifest she simply sets it in her mind, lets go and continues to live.  When reality matches her vision she is grateful for it and continues on.  I’m sure that she isn’t actually aware that she is doing this.  To her it is just the way life is.


So again I wonder why it is that we all watched the Secret or read all the latest books on manifesting and we are still struggling?  Is it because we still want to control how and when our reality changes?

Dr Joe Dispenza’s recent book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One has a wonderful description of how his daughter created the job she wanted.  He is very clear about the fact that she didn’t check every day on how it was coming.  She simply decided what she wanted and went on with her life which included getting the job she wanted when the timing was right.

What I understand from reading Dr Dispenza’s book and watching my friend is that we are all taking this creating reality to seriously.  We plan and meditate, visualize and affirm.  Unfortunately we also look for the change on a daily basis.

Let Go and have fun

I discovered recently that the universe is a very playful place.  I was attempting to increase my income (aren’t we all) and i had my visualization down.  I could even feel how it would be to go to the bank and pay off everything.  Nothing seemed to be changing.

After reading Dr Dispenza’s book,  for some reason I decided that I needed to change the feeling that went with my intention.  Instead of visualizing and feeling myself doing the ordinary,  I changed my visualization so it feels like I am having a blast. Boy did things start to change. They still are.  From that moment on my income began to increase.  BTW I did pay everything off.

I recommend that you change the visualization and feelings that you are doing to include feelings of fun and pleasure.  Then let it go and go out and live your life.  There is so much to see and do in this world and we need to stop focusing on what we don’t have and begin enjoying what is available.