The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig Book Review

When I worked in a book store I did a LOT of book reviews. You can find them at Reflections books website. I have been reading since I was old enough to walk. I actually read Jane Eyre by the time I was in grade 2.  A number of my customers and clients still ask me for recommendations. I decided that maybe it is time to do book reviews on my own blog.

I will be attempting to do reviews once every two weeks. The reviews will include some I reviewed before and many new reads.

For my first review I decided to review one of the sweetest and kindest books I have ever read.

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pig

Written by Steve Jenkins, Derek Walter and Caprice Crane (I’m sure with a little help from Esther herself)

I read the original book Esther the Wonder Pig: Changing the World One Heart at a Time. I loved hearing about how Esther became a wonder pig.

The True Adventures of Esther the Wonder Pigis a children’s book.

It is a sweet story about how two animal loving Dad’s adopted a “mini” (no such thing) pig. Turns out Esther is a commercial pig. She weighs about 650 pounds now.

The story tells how Esther and her family outgrew their home and moved to a farm. It also tells the story of Esther’s shenanigans and how much her Dads love her no matter what.

This is a book about inclusiveness and families of all sizes, shapes and species. It is a book about the beginning of a Farm Sanctuary where other animals can live a safe and happy life. All because of Esther!

If you have children or grandchildren or even if you don’t it is a great read.

The illustrations by Cori Doerrfeld are absolutely priceless.

The book is available through the link above. It is also available at most book stores.

Esther is one of my favourite follows on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks to the folks at Happily Ever Esther I even have my own Godpig James! Esther truly is changing the world one heart at a time!

My Godpig James Henry David

Help Esther Help Other Animals

PS. Esther had a health scare last fall. Her Dads found out there was no CT scan for animals her size. They made a vow to change that. They found the right scanner and are now raising funds to have it installed at the Ontario Veterinary College. It will be the only large animal scanner in Canada and will benefit farm animals, zoo animals and all animals deemed “too big” for regular scanners. To find out more or donate check out their page at The Esther Scanner Fundraiser.