Miracles Synchronicity Coincidence

I believe in Miracles! I didn’t always, I do now. For a number of years I have had every day miracles happening when they need to. The miracles aren’t ever just for my benefit. They always work out for at least one other person. Sometimes they aren’t for me at all.

I don’t mean the huge biblical miracles but the every day miracles. Some people call them synchronicities. Some people call them coincidence. I call them miracles.

How the Miracles Began

15 or so years ago I had a conversation with two friends. They had both led charmed lives but were complaining about how hard life was. Neither of them would want to reincarnate. My comment was that I thought heaven would be coming back and helping people. I never thought another thing about that conversation till I checked my mail later that day.

Although I was baptized catholic I have never followed that religion. I didn’t believe in Saints at all. One look at my mail and I knew Saints are real.

My mail contained a letter from the Monastery of the Little Flower. I had never ever gotten mail like this before. Inside was a Saints card and charm for St. Therese of Lisieux. On the front of the card was the quote “My heaven is doing good on earth“. Suddenly the theme from the Twilight Zone was going through my head.

I didn’t run out and become religious or change in any way. One day my power went out and I asked St Therese to put the power back on just long enough for me to set my alarm. Myself and the fellow downstairs are the only 2 people in the building that got a thirty second power spike. Coincidence?

Synchronicity and a Vehicle

I decided to sell the car I had owned for 15 years. ┬áThe price of the new car was great so I didn’t get a trade in. My friend agreed to store my car and help me sell it. As I was about to leave the dealership the salesman came into the room and told me there was someone there that wanted to buy my car.

It was a father and his son. The son had just arrived that day from Montreal. His Dad and he had driven way in from the far reaches of the Fraser Valley. They just happened to come to a Chevrolet dealership looking for a Volkswagen Jetta at the exact moment I wanted to sell one. Coincidence?

I have had this sort of thing happen twice now with cars.

Butt Dialed Coincidence

This past week I got a phone call from a client who has become a good friend. It was nice to hear from him and we chatted away. Then he asked me what I had called for. I told him I hadn’t called him he had called me. He hadn’t called me. His phone was in his pocket.

It turns out that he was stressed beyond belief about his job and his son and the things happening in his life. I have done readings for him before and gotten scary accurate information. This time I did a short reading for him and picked up some amazing information for his son. I helped him reduce his stress level as well.

Neither one of us knows how that call came about but it happened at the perfect time.

I believe there is more to this world than we know. I believe that quantum physics is explaining some of the miraculous happenings. Me, I am a physics nerd that reads physics texts (the little I understand them) not just metaphysics books. I don’t believe in coincidence. I believe in miracles!