Synesthesia – Can You Smell Color

Over the past few years I have noticed that I smell colors and can read ideas in numbers. I look at a number and see a picture. When it first began I had no idea what it was. Was I just imagining it?


One day I found a magazine article on synesthesia. According to Neuroscience for kids “Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense (for example, hearing) is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight.”

60 forms have been identified so far. A couple are:

Seeing certain letters or numbers as a specific color. According to Psychology Today this is the most common form.

Seeing music sometimes the notes and sometimes colorful images. Check out Melissa McCracken’s site for some ideas of what she see when she hears music.

Sometimes the crossover is just the perception of 2 senses. I see visuals on a few numbers. For instance the logo for the UN is one I see specifically as the number 242. If I see that number this picture comes into my head. When I went out to pick the image I just thought about the number and managed to instantly find the image I wanted. The interesting thing is that I always see this on the backdrop of a grayish blue.

Personal Speculation

There are a number of sites that will give you a scientific explanation for synesthesia. There is also a site that explains things in a more down to earth manner. This site has a test or two as well. I like this one because it talks about the music touch combination.

I have always felt music. Most recently violin music stands out. It has been opening my heart area (chakra). I have always had this happen with minor notes. To me heart and minor chords just go together. I wonder if it is the violin itself or just the minor notes in the music I am hearing?

Are Empaths Syesthetes?

I read an article off of the Psychology Today page linked above. It spoke of the Amazing Kristin as an empath. This is where my speculation begins.

Are empaths a type of synesthete? We feel other people rather than just seeing or hearing them. We listen to them talk but feel what is really going on.

Can Certain Practices Open Synesthetic Abilities?

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist that works with clients that have a number of issues. Most of the time I see what they see. I also do group sessions for interest and relaxation. One of my regulars always sees color while the rest of the group gets visual images from the directed hypnosis. I will need to get in touch with him to find out if he is actually a synesthete.

I have gone to Crystal Bowl sessions and attended a session on Music Healing. Although I am not a fan of didgeridoo I can’t argue with the fact that my entire body vibrated listening to it. Crystal bowls somehow make my arms vibrate. The music on the test site also caused this to happen.

My question is, by becoming more in tune with your body, can you develop or perceive synesthesia?

I would love to hear from people out there about what experiences they have had with synesthesia.