Spinach – What is it Good For?

The last week or so I have found myself obsessed with spinach! Raw or cooked it doesn’t matter. When I see it in my fridge I can’t wait to eat it.

I have been doing a low carb diet and get my fair share of leafy greens so what is it about spinach that is calling to me. I decided to look into the health benefits.

Spinach Benefits

Some of the health benefits according to MedicalNewsToday are:

  • Lowering blood glucose
  • Preventing cancer
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Bone Health

Let’s do the research.


Blood Glucose

There seems to be a number of different perspectives on the health benefits of spinach for diabetes.

According to everyday Health spinach is high in magnesium. The American Diabetes Association states in the results of a study, that magnesium supplementation improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic control.

From my research into dark chocolate, ( cacao nibs are ok for diabetics and can be added to many foods since they are simply shelled cocoa beans), 80% of North Americans are magnesium deficient. Check out one of my many chocolate blogs here.

Rich in antioxidants, spinach reduces oxidative stress. It is mineral and vitamin dense and a good source of alpha-lipoic acid.

Cancer Prevention

Natural News quotes studies that show that cancer helped prevent cell damage, protected DNA and prevented tumor growth.

PubMed has a link to a study that indicates spinach which is high in glycoglycerolipids may be beneficial as an anti-cancer therapeutic agent.

Blood Pressure

One of the important elements of keeping blood pressure in the normal range is preventing oxidative stress. The antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, in spinach, help maintain healthy blood pressure. In addition, Vitamin C helps tone the blood vessels and veins keeping them supple and flexible.

Spinach contains potassium, magnesium and folate. All of these help to lower blood pressure. For more info on how, see the tightly packed article on the Express.



Bone Health

Although spinach is rich in calcium it also prevents calcium absorption to your bones. However, both magnesium and Vitamin K are important for bone health. Luckily spinach is rich in both.

Spinach is a good source of silicon which is needed for bone health.

Spinach is also beneficial for preventing asthma and maintaining skin and hair health.

In looking over this blog I realize that my magnesium levels are low. I have been craving both spinach and chocolate. I guess it’s time to have a spinach salad with a topping of cacao nibs!