Pigs in a Blanket-Crocheting for a Piggy

Last year I decided to sponsor a potbelly pig at a sanctuary in Tennessee. Since I live in Canada that means I will probably never meet him. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

I sent him candies for his birthday and valentines but I want to make him something as well.

Pigs LOVE to snuggle under blankets when it’s chilly outside. I love to crochet. A match made in heaven.

It will be a good way to use up the mountains of acrylic yarn I have sitting around and keep him warm too.

If you want to see pigs and their blanks try Esther The Wonder Pigs Facebook page  or Three Little pig Micro sanctuary

In the beginning

In The Beginning

I take terrible photos of my work so this spring I will learn to take better ones. In the meantime this is the start of the blanket for my boy James.



Before I could start the blanket I had to get his dimensions. Now James is a potbelly pig so should be smallish. Turns out his Mom was part farm pig so he weighs 418lbs and is 4 foot 7 long and 4 foot 8 around. He still has a couple of years of growing to do. Even the lady running the sanctuary was surprised by his size.

In order to make him a blanket that will be usable next winter I have decided to go with 6 feet by 5 feet. A large rectangle will do.

The other thing I needed to do is figure out what stitches I wanted to use. Pigs little hoofs can get caught in things with holes so I chose half double crochet stitches. HDC are nice and solid so there should be no piggy toes sticking out.

Other Decisions and Considerations

I am trying to make the blanket in a multitude of colors and blocks.  Making something this big would be too hot to do it all in one piece.

I am hoping to use blues and reds and possibly greens and yellows. It will be bright but my James is a superstar so he can pull it off.

If you decide to make blankets to donate to shelters or sanctuaries be aware of one thing. Pigs love blankets, eating and ROOTING. A pigs natural inclination is to root. Rooting their blankets is just normal for them. This causes wear and tear on the blankets. Use a sturdy yarn that will hold up to heavy use.

There are so many rescues and sanctuaries out there doing such amazing work. I am sure they would love to have some blankets donated for all their babies. Here is a list of some of the ones I follow:

Three Little Pigs Microsanctuary

Happily Ever Esther

The Gentle Barn

Goats of Anarchy

J&M Acres

Rasta Sanctuary