Yarn Hoard or Personal Store?

Happy New Year Folks! I hope everyone had a wonderful end to 2017. Hoarding craft items is todays topic. I am a knitter/crocheter so I will focus on a yarn hoard.

There are a number of reasons that crafters hoard

  • Finding yarn at a good price
  • A certain yarn inspires you
  • You are picking up yarn for a planned project that never gets done
  • You just can’t resist the look and/or feel of the yarn

I’m sure there are any number of other reasons to hoard yarn as well.

Stash vs Hoard

Terminology –  A yarn stash is what knitters/crocheters call their stored yarn. Hoarding is what their friends and family call their stash!

My 20 year old acrylic blanket strip

The Hoard

My yarn hoard consists of a lot of acrylic that I bought way back before I discovered real wool. It is great because moths don’t eat it. Durable and washable acrylic is a yarn that you should have in your stash. I am working on designing a blanket based on one strip of a blanket I made 20 years ago and I have the acrylic to do it in my stash. No moth holes.

Recent years have seen my stash grow to include 100% silk, cashmere blends and merinos to mention a few. It was through sad experience that I realized that the nicer yarn is a buffet for moths. My hoard is now stored in the plastic bags that sheets and pillowcases come in. Rubbermaids are a great place to store the stash.

Dream Weaver Blanket. Pattern by Helen Shrimpton. Yarn Wool of the Andes Superwash by Knitpicks. Crocheted by lil ol me

My Secret Indulgence

Not as secret as it could be. I am obsessed with Knit Picks! All of the yarn I have bought from them has been wonderful. I have tried a lot of different yarns they sell. My friend is a knitter and she occasionally wonders what various types of their yarns are like. My stash allows me to pull out a ball or skein of the yarn she is thinking about so she can see it.

One of my favorite yarns from knitpicks is Cotlin. A cotton linen blend that is soft and lovely to work with. It gets softer with washing. I have had balls in almost every color. I currently have 10 balls. For January it is the sale yarn. The last thing I need is more yarn and I have been trying not to buy any. I just bought 25 balls of Cotlin. Sigh!

Cotlin Spa Cloth Cupcakes

I have made hundreds of spa cloths (facecloths) from Cotlin but this time I want to make a tank top. I will post pictures when and if it is finished. In the meantime I will try and find space to store it!

PS Knit Picks is one of my affiliate links if you want to check them out.

Coasters for the craft fair. Yarn Crafters cotton

Wash cloths for the craft fair. Yarn crafters cotton

Stash Benefits

Last year I decided to enter into a Craft Fair. My source for the materials was my stash. It was amazing to pull out all of my yarn and go shopping in my own personal yarn store. I was able to make a lot of the items I was selling and clear out some of my stash at the same time. I even had to buy some yarn at the yarn store after I used mine up.

Recently a friend was posting a request for a hat on Facebook. I was able to walk into my office, grab a ball of yarn and make the hat.

One final benefit to having a yarn stash is cost. Sale yarn of course is a saving. Sale yarn that you bought 10 years ago and is now twice the price is an even bigger saving.

I would encourage all the crafters out there to occasionally pull out their hoard (stash) and go through it. You will be amazed at how good it feels to shop and not spend money.

I would love to hear stash tales from any crafters out there.