Does Blue Tea Have Health Benefits?

Recently I have been seeing pictures of magnificent blue and purple concoctions. Made with Butterfly Pea Flowers they are eye-catching. The dramatic blue tea that turns purple when you add lemon. I began to wonder if this could be good for you.

Healthy Blue Tea

Health claims about this flower abound. They include

  • Memory
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Diabetes
  • Skin and Hair

Let’s take them one at a time.


Studies are being done to determine whether Butterfly Pea Flowers or Clitoria ternatea can improve memory. Memory enhancement via acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) is the current belief.

Anxiety and Depression

This plant has been found to have beneficial anxiolytic effects in animal studies. According to human studies, combining relaxation and blue tea can relieve symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.


Butterfly pea flowers block glucose uptake from food. This is beneficial in treating type II diabetes. According to one study in rats the aqueous extracts showed anti-hyperglycemic effects.

Skin and Hair

Butterfly Pea Flowers are rich in antioxidants. No surprise there since most brightly colored fruits and vegetables are. Antioxidants reduce free radical damage to your cells. Less damage to cells reduces the risk for cancers of all types. High antioxidant levels reduce the aging of skin and hair. For more info on antioxidants check out my blog here

Research on other health benefits of butterfly pea flowers continues.


What Does it Taste Like?

Blue tea is a very mild tasting beverage. You can make it weak or strong. Adding lemon turns it a rich purple color. My photography isn’t professional by any means but here is what my cup of blue tea looked like.

What Else Can You Use it For

I originally saw some amazing smoothies on Instagram. They were posted by a user Naturally.Jo  They were pictures of beautiful smoothie bowls with cosmic colors. Blues and purples that made me want to rush out and try them myself. Making smoothies is easier if you use Butterfly Pea Flower powder. Either purchase it or grind it from the dried flowers.

There is also shampoo made from butterfly pea flowers. It is available from here
Wanthai Butterfly Pea Shampoo for Normal – Oily Hair 300ml

Where Can I Get Blue Tea?

Butterfly Pea Flower tea should be available from most Health and Natural food stores. If you want to purchase it right away Amazon has both tea bags and the dried flowers.

Sangkla Butterfly pea flower Organic Tea Dried Herbs Blue Seed Pack 50g Dried Flowers

Wild Blue Pea Hibiscus Tea – 20 per pack (0.07lbs) Tea Bags



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