What Does Chamomille Do?

Chamomille Flowers

While trying to decide what to write about today, I kept coming back to chamomille. This happy little daisy like flower is a powerhouse of healing.

Destress With Chamomille

Stress relief is probably the best known use for this amazing herb. A comforting cup of tea for adults, did you know that children and babies can also drink chamomille tea?

Make sure your children only have a cup or two per day. Bedtime is a great time for a cup of chamomille to help your child sleep.

Infants can have two to three ounces a day. It can help with colic as well as calming them when they are out of sorts. One of my fellow herbalists told a story about a cranky baby that the parents brought to her. They were beside themselves because the baby would not stop crying. One drop of chamomille oil on the nose and the baby calmed right down. Make sure you mix the oil with a carrier like coconut or olive oil.

Chamomille Tea

Calm Inflammation

Calming your nerves is one thing but did you know that chamomille also calms inflammation? The NIH (National Institute of Health) quotes studies that prove it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

This flower has been used throughout history to treat skin irritations and eczema. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that two human studies have found it effective for eczema.

Chamomille is a common ingredient in cosmetics to reduce inflammation. If you use a tea bag to make your tea, cool it down, squeeze it out and place it on your eyes. That puffiness will be a thing of the past.

Cramps and Digestion

What makes chamomille so good for colicky babies is the ability to ease stomach cramps. It has been used to treat


Much of it’s benefits come from it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It can relax smooth muscle tissue in your intestines. Since we are heading toward the holiday season check out my Herbs for the Holidays blog.

Where to buy Chamomille

When I worked in corporate one of my coworkers used to pick it from the cracks in the sidewalk. Not recommended in high traffic areas.

Chammomille is very easy to grow both inside and outside. Many people consider it a weed to be eradicated.

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Many tea shops and stores that carry herbs will have it as well as a number of other fabulous teas.