Mabon is About Harvest, Autumn and Thanksgiving

September 21 is the celebration of Mabon or Witches Thanksgiving. It is the day of the Autumn Equinox. Autumn…Ahh the beautiful leaves, the crisp mornings, the abundance of the harvest. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

Apparently in the Pagan and Wiccan tradition Mabon is the time for celebration of the harvest and the balance between light and dark. It is a time of Thanksgiving and a time to celebrate our abundance and share it with those less fortunate.


Mabon A Time of Harvest and Thanksgiving

Mabon and Beltane are both tied in with the Goddess Persephone. Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Persephone was a beautiful girl. She soon caught the eye of Hades the God of the Underworld. Hades kidnapped Persephone and took her to live with him in the underworld.

Persephone loved her mother Demeter and also loved her husband Hades. She struck a deal where she spends half of the year above ground and half in the underworld. At Beltane (May 1) she returns to the world above ground as a maiden. She is full of Springs promise. At Mabon she returns to her role as Dark Queen of the Underworld and reaps the harvest.

canstockphoto3021721harvest Mabon table


As a Wiccan Thanksgiving Mabon is the second of 3 harvest celebrations. It is the time to eat what is ripe now. It is the time to harvest your garden one last time and settle it for winter. Dry fruits and veggies for use during the winter. It is basically the time to prepare all of the food you will need to last throughout the colder months when nothing grows.

In these days of supermarkets the need to prepare food to last throughout the winter has pretty much been forgotten. The eat local trend is helping it to make a comeback.


Decorations and Other Bits and Bobs

Mabon is a great time to make a willow wand, broomstick or basket. Apparently according to the Martha Stewart has directions for making a shrunken apple head.

Apples are a big part of Mabon. Apples can be cored out to use as candle holders. You can dehydrate them, cook with them, or simply have bowls of them around your home. My Mom used to make the most beautiful delicate pink apple jelly at this time of year because we had so many apples from our tree.

I am not Pagan or Wiccan. Still, I do have a great curiosity about history and where traditions, rituals and celebrations began. I would like to invite my Pagan and Wiccan friends that celebrate the cycle of the year to leave a respectful comment about what their favourite way to celebrate Mabon is.