Crafty Crochet Cloths Coasters and Blankets


Hi folks. Welcome to my new blog. I will be sharing projects, pattern links, yarn recommendations and all things crafty. The dish cloths coasters and wash cloths above are some of the items I am making for a craft fair in November.

Dish Cloth Pattern

I didn’t use a pattern. The number of starting chains depends on the gage of your cotton. I generally chain about 35. Just HDC (Half Double Crochet) back and forth until you reach the length you want. To mix it up a bit you can HDC in the front of the loop only.

I also made some Garter Stitch knit cloths.



These coasters were made from the pattern here  A lovely blog called Made in K-Town. The pattern is very easy to follow. I did not make the loop for hanging the coasters but you may want to.

Wash cloths

Flower Power Cloths

The basic pattern for these is available at Ravelry as a free download here  Check out Doni Speigle’s Ravelry store for more great patterns.


The Blanket

Ahh the blanket! This was a commission for a friend that wanted a once in a lifetime hand made blanket. She wanted Superwash Wool so I used Wool of the Andes Superwash  from Knitpicks. Pattern is from the Crystals and Crochet website by Helen Shrimpton. It cost 5 GBP and was worth every penny.

There are a couple of confusing bits but Helen resends every update of the pattern that she makes so these are rapidly disappearing. Since my photography skills are nowhere near my crochet and knitting skills my picture is less impressive than the actual blanket. Check out Helen’s site to see some really good close ups.

The Yarn

I confess to being in love with certain yarn. Malabrigo Silk Merino is one of my fav’s. My cloths coasters and other cotton items are either Bernat Crafters Cotton, Lily’s Sugar and Cream or Rico.

My higher end items are mainly made from Yarn from Knit Picks which is possibly my favorite place to buy yarn online. Spa cloths are made from  CotLin DK Yarn. The Dish Cloths are made from Dishie Yarn.

I am hoping to post as often as possible so feel free to suggest topics make comments or suggest yarns. Once the craft fair is over I will be trying my hand at designing so stay tuned.

Crafty Me

I have been knitting and crocheting for 51 years. Over the years I have made dozens of tablecloths, afghans and clothes. This craft fair is my first venture in smaller items and I am loving it. Check out my Crochet Health Benefits blog here.