Healthy Eating Improves Hair and Skin

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I normally try and focus on a single herb or set of herbs in my blogs. Today I want to talk about one part of the food as medicine topic. Skin and Hair. We as humans spend a lot of money on our skin and hair. We get colours, we get facials, abrasions, haircuts etc, etc. We spend huge sums of money on grooming products as well.

What if I told you that you could save your money and look great doing it? The only cost you would incur would be giving up your processed junk foods.

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A few years ago I went on the Paleo diet. It is an amazingly effective eating plan. On it you cut out dairy, sugar, grains and basically eat meat, fruit, vegetables and nuts. In addition to dropping weight I had people start telling me “wow you look good. You kind of glow.”

Since I was not really a processed food fan, simply taking dairy, wheat and sugar out of my diet caused the glow as well as lifting depression and increasing energy.


Recently I figured out a self-hypnosis trick that made me automatically choose healthy food and the weight has melted off. However, the better I feel the more I want to feel good. I began vaguely following a Vegan by 6 diet. You eat no animal products (including milk or cheese or eggs), all day and then for dinner have whatever you want.

It sounds hard but it really isn’t. Once you get used to eating fruit and veggies during the day, you find yourself wanting them more in the evening as well.

I am sure there are a number of groups that have discovered the benefits of increased fruit and veggies. Yes, they will help you remove weight, but they also help you glow.



Your daily oxygen intake and use produces free radicals. These are oxygen molecules that have mismatched pairs of electrons. For more info check out my blog here. Free radicals are what cause skin damage, hair damage and aging.

Enter antioxidants, the superhero from fruit and veggies. They move throughout your body taking out the free radicals and protecting your cells. This includes the cells of all your vital organs as well as your biggest organ which is your skin.

If your diet consists of a lot of fruit and veggies and of course dark chocolate, the antioxidants can actually reverse some of the damage.


Most sources will tell you that deeply coloured fruit and veggies have higher antioxidant content. This is true. Best of all are blueberries.
Other sources of antioxidants are green tea, red wine and chocolate. In fact dark chocolate (cacao beans or nibs if possible) have more antioxidants than any of the others.

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Many people have frustratingly thin hair. Many suffer from hair loss. As we age we lose hair and it becomes thinner. By adding many fruits and veggies to your diet you can prevent this. You will be providing your WHOLE body with vital nutrients.


For those that want a bit of extra help here, try rosemary. There are a number of rosemary products in natural food stores. I personally would recommend making a cup of rosemary tea at night before you go to bed. Let it cool overnight and use it as a rinse for your hair.

As with all things herbal, it may take some time to see results, but you will eventually see them.