Walnuts Love Your Heart Brain Skin and Many Other Things

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Walnuts are used in baking, they are currently candied and added to salads and are the base of many Greek and Middle Eastern desserts which I love!  Their use in sweet treats hides a very important fact.  Walnuts help lower cholesterol!   

Information varies on the percentage but studies have shown that walnut consumption lowers cholesterol levels from between 4% to 12%.  In addition Medical News Today has an article about a study done by Penn State,Tufts university and the University of Pennsylvania has shown that walnut oil causes the blood vessels to work better.  It also allows the blood vessels to remove the bad cholesterol more easily. 

A Harvard study that followed volunteers for 14 years showed that the women that ate at least 5 ounces of nuts per week were 35% less likely to suffer heart attacks than women who ate less than 1 ounce per month. 

How does it work

No one absolute theory exists but the thinking is that 

Walnuts contain Omega3 fatty acids which prevent erratic heartbeat and regulate plaque formation on blood vessels 

The amino acid l-arginine improves the plasticity of blood vessels 

Walnuts contain antioxidants which repair cell damage by free radicals 

Walnut oil maintains endothelial cell health (the cells lining blood vessels) 

Are walnuts Good for Anything Else 

Studies show that walnuts are beneficial for preventing Alzheimer’s because they help reduce the buildup of amyloid plaques that are in the brains of alzheimer’s patients.   

Herbalism has an idea known as the Doctrine of Signatures.  This means that like cures like.  In the case of Walnuts, when you crack the shell you will notice that the nut looks like the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  This is why walnuts have been used to treat brain issues for centuries. 

Walnuts contain melatonin which is an antioxidant that assists you in getting a good nights sleep.  Eating a handful for a bedtime snack will help you sleep and give you all the other benefits at the same time. 

The Ellagic acid in walnuts helps boost the immune system.  It also provides anticancer properties. 

Walnuts help with depression. 

Walnut studies have shown a reduction of gallstones particularly in women. 

Walnuts contain vitamin B7 which creates strong hair, less fallout and promotes healthy hair growth. 

Walnuts have been shown to lower the risk of type2 diabetes and improve endothelial function in adults with type2 diabetes. 

Walnuts have been used throughout the centuries and the petrified remains of roasted walnuts from 8,000 years ago have been found.  They have been used for health, to increase the sex drive, repel spiders and ward off witches.  Obviously humans discovered a very versatile food when they discovered walnuts.