Creativity – Let Your Light Shine

I have spent nearly my entire life knitting and crocheting. I have dabbled in Cross Stitch and Petite Point. When I am not crafting I am writing or colouring. Yes, I coloured for meditation a LONG time before it became fashionable. It is impossible for me to imagine a life where creativity does not play a part.

canstockphoto22779998 crochet hands

I was speaking to my dear friend yesterday. She is deeply unhappy and part of that comes from not being creative. In the past she has written books and dabbled in knitting. Most recently she had a job she loved where she was able to come up with creative solutions in an area most of us would have snoozed in. Unfortunately, that job has changed and her light has all but gone out.

I, like most people, used to believe that I wasn’t artistic because I didn’t paint, draw, sing, play music. What we don’t seem to realize is that there are as many ways to be creative as there are people in the world.

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Some people are talented in interior design, others in building, cooking, child rearing and on and on. If you are doing something you love you will always know that you are being creative. Yes, even accounting can be creative and satisfying if it’s what you love.

Creativity and Meditation

Creativity and meditation seem to be opposites when in fact they are a great team.

There is classic meditation where you clear your mind and go inside to your inner silence. I had an amazing acting teacher in grade 8 that taught us to meditate. I will be forever grateful to her. It is not always easy to settle into silence. Monkey mind is so annoying!

There is creative meditation as well. A great many creative people will get lost in what they are creating and not realize that they are actually meditating.

canstockphoto34333374colouring mandala

Colouring is a wonderful way to meditate. You can choose any colours you want, add shading, leave white space. I find Mandalas take a long time to colour and when I am finished I realize I have silenced my inner chatter and come up with some answers.

I know people that paint and/or write. They start and several hours later they are amazed at the amount of time that has passed.

I’m Not Creative

Just because you cannot paint or sew or whatever you are measuring yourself against, does not mean that you are not creative. Gardening, cleaning, collecting, running a business, the list goes on and on.

The key to knowing you are using your creativity is to notice where you lose time. Where you suddenly look at the clock and are stunned at how many hours have passed. Just don’t force it. Simply notice what you are doing when this happens so you can recreate it later.

If you are having a hard time picturing this, just think of the endless hours spent on social media like Facebook. You go on just to check one thing and 2 hours later you realize how long you have been at it.

How to be Creative

Now that you can recognize when you are in your creative place you can go there whenever you choose. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Cut yourself some slack – don’t undervalue the things you love. Remember that putting together an outfit or doing an excellent job with makeup are very creative. Especially for those that are challenged in that area.
Rebuilding a car or engine or even fishing can be creative. If the fish aren’t biting you have to come up with creative ways to lure them to you.

Try something new – Have you wanted to try dancing or painting or writing or…. Give it a whirl. Just remember that not everyone is good at everything. If it makes you happy to paint messes then it is no ones business.

Quilting seemed like a good idea once. I was great at the hand quilting part but when it came to the machine sewing, let’s just say straight it wasn’t. I love the hanging that I made because I did a beach scene. It definitely wouldn’t win any awards.  Note the uneven sides.  You can tell I’m not a photographer either.


Remember that you are always creating. You create the life you are living, you definitely have the spark inside. You just have to let go of perfectionism and try things. Some will fail, some will become a passion. Your light is important to this world, let it shine!