Bananas – What You Should Know


Bananas and Your Health canstockphoto1752952banana bunch

Bananas and Your Health

Bananas are carbohydrate dense and high in sugar. They are filled with nutrients and fibre. Do they deserve the bad reputation they have?

Banana Health Benefits

Bananas are high in potassium, low fat and nutrient dense. Health benefits of bananas include:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Health
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Digestion

Blood Pressure and Hearth Health

The potassium in banana is a vasodilator which helps the blood to flow more freely. It helps prevent strokes, loss of muscle mass and even helps protect bone density. Potassium keeps your heart beat regulated and keeps the muscle contracting properly.


Reducing and regulating blood glucose levels is a major benefit of high fibre diets. Undigestible fibre keeps you feeling fuller faster and longer  It does not increase blood glucose levels at all. Bananas are a high fibre fruit. Although previously considered a not so good thing for diabetics, recent studies show that slightly underripe banana can have a positive effect on blood glucose levels.

canstockphoto163573banana spots

Brown spots on bananas

Cancer and Bananas

The vitamin C and antioxidants in banana help protect your cells from free radical damage. Banana contains a substance called TNF or Tumour Necrosis Factor. According to the Asian Fund for Cancer Research Limited, Japanese research has shown that a fully ripe banana with dark patches produces TNF. The more dark spots the better it gets. They believe that “ripe bananas can act as an anti–cancer agents by stimulating the production of white blood cells.”


There is plenty of information pointing to bananas for triggering asthma attacks. A study from the Imperial College of London referred to by Medical News Today states that children that ate one banana a day had a significant decrease in developing asthma. My advice is ALWAYS check with your doctor to see what is right for you.


Bananas are easily digested and replenish electrolytes and potassium lost in cases of diarrhea. They assist in replenishing good bacteria in the digestive tract. However, there is evidence that bananas can cause digestive problems. The jury is definitely still out on this one.

Bananas are healthy fruits but also one of the items in the food and herbs for health area that need to be investigated on a case by case basis. They can be extremely beneficial for some and highly detrimental to others. It is always best to consult you doctor before eating or ingesting anything for health purposes.