Seasonal Flavours Try Them Out Today

I am an Herbalist. My blogs are generally about herbs for health. I am also a cook. The nice thing about herbs is that they are both healthy and delicious.
Today I thought I would cover some of the flavours of the season that are also good for you.


Nothing says Christmas like a good old fashioned candy cane. Occasionally you can find them in spearmint but traditionally they are peppermint.

Peppermint is excellent for warding off colds. It is also good for the overeating that takes place at this time of year. A cup of peppermint tea can relieve gas and bloating and assist in digestion. In a pinch that candy cane can also help with the gas and the bloating. Spearmint works in the same way as peppermint.


Yumm, gingerbread. Did you know that Elizabeth I has been credited with creating the first gingerbread men? Did you also know that gingerbread can help ease nausea?

Ginger is a great spice for digestion. It relieves gas and bloating as well as helps you digest your food. Ginger is also a great spice for morning sickness. However, for morning sickness you should only have small amounts so I would recommend ginger snaps or ginger bread.

Ginger and honey tea can help prevent colds. Just steep a cup or two when you feel a cold coming on and wrap up warm to sweat the cold out.

canstockphoto22939793cloves anise nutmeg cinnamon
One of my favourite spices. Cinnamon lattes are tasty, cinnamon can be added to the coffee grounds prior to brewing a pot. You can also add it to hot chocolate to give it a zing. Two of my favourite words are Cinnamon Bun!

Cinnamon is warming. It can be combined with lemon to help promote weight loss. It assists in regulating blood glucose levels and can even help reduce LDL cholesterol.

An interesting use for cinnamon is as an insect repellent.


Egg Nog with nutmeg on top is a classic at this time of year. What makes it an excellent item at Christmas is that it is a sedative. A little nutmeg in a glass of milk at bedtime will help you sleep. It will also help calm the anxiety that comes with your busy schedule.

Along with peppermint and ginger, nutmeg is a carminative. This means that it will also help relieve gas and bloating.
I hope this blog has you taking a second look at some of your favourite foods this season!