I have been thinking a lot about people unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives. It was triggered while reading a book that mainly consisted of parent bashing. I thought I would post part of the chapter of my book Buried Treasure:Finding Enchantment Within, on responsibility.

There is a difference between taking responsibility for your life and taking responsibility for someone else’s. If you have a child then yes you are responsible for feeding, clothing, nurturing, teaching that child. You are NOT responsible for what they do with that knowledge later on. At some point they become adults and need to be responsible for their own lives.


I have friends that manage employees in large companies and I have been horrified by some of their stories. They have parents of 20-30 year old “children” calling to discuss why their child is being disciplined for being late every day! Of course they refuse to discuss it with these parents. I have another friend that says he gets tired of parents coming to interviews with their adult “children.” These are the people he doesn’t hire!

Folks YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! When you are gone, you had better have one hell of a fortune to leave to these kids or they are going to crash and burn. They need to stumble, make mistakes, fail and keep on trying if they are going to be able to actually take care of themselves!

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Taking Responsibility for Your Own Life

It is not easy taking responsibility for your life. By doing so you must let go of the blame you have carried with you, sometimes for your entire life. You must accept that you are where you are in life because of the choices you have made, not because someone else held you back, or cheated, or was stronger. It is simply because you made a choice to do things a certain way.

There may be things in your past that you could not prevent. That is fine. Everyone has vulnerabilities. However, it is the choices you make going forward that count.

You can recover from the past, you can deal with it or you can leave it in the past and move on. All of these are valid options. If you decide to deal with it then don’t be afraid to find some help. It doesn’t make you weak to seek help. In fact it takes an extremely strong person to choose to face their issues. It takes an even stronger person to ask for help to do so.

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Or you can flounder around thinking you have it all under control. Not facing your issues or dealing with them. Then suddenly one day they come crashing down on you. They can damage any part of your life.

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I can tell you something from personal experience. Taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life is hard. There are things that you will just as soon hide from. The up side? I am happier than I have ever been.
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