Spirulina Update

Hi folks. Today I wanted to share some of the background that goes into this blog.

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How I Get Info

In order to make this blog valuable, I make sure I research everything I post. I have hundreds of books and dozens of sites I access for information.

I have many wonderful friends that are willing to act as guinea pigs and try things out. Fortunately I am extremely healthy and have virtually no chronic illness. I test as much as I can on myself but without symptoms it is hard to get relief.

Why the Update

Recently I was reading the book Medical Medium and realized that I had none of the things he was talking about. His information made sense and I did pass it on to friends.

Shortly afterward I was diagnosed with blood sugar issues. This is something that runs in my family and I am determined to NOT have “traditional” illness.

Fortunately I have a wonderful doctor. He has come to trust my abilities as an herbalist so as he says, “I know you and if I tell you there is a problem you will fix it.”
I asked him for a prescription for one month. I took it faithfully but also took my herbs. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR EVERYONE since herbs can actually lower your glucose levels to the danger point.


One of the recommendations that the Medical Medium made was Spirulina. I did some research which you can read on my blog here. The important finding was that Spirulina was thought to improve long term glucose regulation.

I began taking it at least twice a day although I was aiming for 3 times but kept forgetting to take it at lunch. Almost immediately my levels dropped into a more normal range. This continued after I finished my prescription as well.

Recently I went for my 3 month blood test. I had a seriously bad night before and genuinely thought my results would be terrible. Imagine my surprise when I went to see the doctor and he told me to keep doing what I am doing.

My results were excellent and my HbA(1c) levels were normal! No more prescriptions but we are still monitoring it.

One other thing I am doing at the urging of my doctor, Medical Medium and my conscience is eating mostly vegetarian. I haven’t completely given up meat but I am getting there.

This is a radical change for someone that was a major carnivore. However, the book mentioned that even lean meats have enough fat to impact blood sugar levels. I really didn’t believe it, but sure enough, every time I had meat my levels would spike. That was where it all came together for me and I decided to be vegetarian.

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Other Helpful Herbs

So far the next best herb to Spirulina is actually Bay Leaves.
Check out my blog here. Studies are showing amazing fasting serum glucose level results.

I have been making tea with the leaves and am trying to source capsules. I may have to make my own but in the meantime the tea is pleasant. I would recommend combining bay leaves with a citrus tea blend you like.


I am an Herbalist NOT a doctor. I would urge anyone with blood sugar issues that wants to try these ideas to do so with input from their doctor. They need to know absolutely EVERYTHING you take from Over The Counter remedies to supplements to herbs.

Although herbs are considered “Natural” remedies, they are where pharmaceuticals began and are not all safe.