Thoughts on Healing and Creating Reality

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I was talking to a lady at White Lotus Divine Healing today about healing and it has been percolating all day. I have been a Spiritual Healer since the early 1990’s and I am still trying to figure out how it works.

If everything exists in possibility and our focus (observation) is what collapses a specific possibility into reality, then there is nothing we cannot cure. There is nothing we cannot create. Sounds simple enough.

In reality it is one of the simplest and yet most difficult things to do. We are talking about creating our reality, our very existence. Not exactly a breeze!

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As a healer I have learned that there is an energy field around the human body that can be manipulated. It can be smoothed out or filled in by channeling energy from above and below the healer. As a hypnotherapist, I learned that the best way to help a client centre, is to have them reclaim the energy they have left wherever they have been.

So what is this energy? The scientists are still debating that one. I can only speak from my personal experience. Energy to me is a warmth. It is a light. It can be hot or cold depending on whatever is needed. It cannot always be seen but at times it is extremely visible to some people.

I don’t just mean aura energy. I am talking here about actual human energy. I see it like a wisp of smoke that emanates from a person. Sometimes it is more, and sometimes less, but always there.


I was explaining to this customer, that for me as a healer, using a modality like Matrix Energetics is quite difficult. Healers learn to “do” something. Level out energy, fill in empty spots, whatever it takes. In Matrix Energetics the key appears to be getting out of the way and letting the possibility unfold.

I have a friend that has never trained as a healer or taken Matrix Energetics, but after reading the book, she now uses it to clear traffic snarls and pretty much anything else she can think of.

In the book Dr Bartlett says that it does not work every time. However, it appears to work quite a bit of the time. I hear amazing results from the people I know that have taken the classes.


I have written earlier blogs about manifesting. I know such a large number of people that use the term that it has lost all meaning. So many people are disappointed that they can’t just decide to manifest something and have it be immediate.

Given the thoughts that run through an average persons head every day, it is probably a good thing that it doesn’t work like that.

Manifesting is nothing more than collapsing a desired possibility into reality. That may sound like a simple thing but there are a great many details. There are our issues and beliefs in what can and can’t happen. There are our beliefs about what we deserve to be considered.

I have however, manifested the life I have now. I’m pretty happy with it. It takes a while for things to happen. Sometimes years of focusing on what it is you want. What I have found is that if it takes a long time it is usually because there are details that need to be put in place to create the desired outcome.


If I could create any reality I wanted right now I would create one where all people cared for each other, where all animals were treated with respect as sentient beings, where we valued and took very good care of the earth and no one ever died in battle again. It’s a pretty simple wish.

Night Folks Sweet Dreams!