I will be posting early blogs for the next couple of weeks since I will be crazy busy getting ready for our June 1 opening at the new store. However, I wanted to do one more new blog today.

I have been working with crystals for 10 years now and have come to respect the power they have.

Initially I was a huge sceptic. I thought crystals were pretty to look at but that was it. I learned quickly that there is more to working with them than it would appear.

I was recently doing some research into crystals for the store. I found some interesting info about one of my favourite crystals, Selenite. It is amazing for many things.


What is it?

Selenite is actually gypsum. It comes in several colours. The most common are white and orange. A rarer colour of selenite is green.
Most people do not realize that Desert Roses are actually selenite that has absorbed sand.

It is a soft stone and can be broken or scratched very easily. Most importantly for those wanting to use it, it will dissolve in water. Do not clear your selenite in water. Simply place it in a window during a full moon. You will be amazed at how luminous this will make it.

My favourite aspect of selenite is how it glows from within.


Physical Healing

Selenite can be used to clear the body of blockages. It is associated with the skeletal system. It can also protect the cells from free radical damage.


Selenite is excellent for mental clarity and insight. It encourages honesty. It is a great stone to use when conducting business. It will keep you sharp and focused and will encourage honesty in all transactions.

canstockphoto3839425cool happy face


Selenite lifts the vibration leaving stress, anxiety and depression behind. It promotes positive thoughts and assists in creative ventures.

canstockphoto23969954 energy


Selenite has an extremely high vibration. It can help open intuition and communication with the Christ consciousness. It is also thought to be helpful in Angelic communication.



Selenite is attuned to the crown and the Soul Star chakras. It will help escalate spiritual growth. It will clear negativity and blocks from the crown chakra to allow the energy to flow

Selenite can be used to access other dimensions and to assist in remembering past lives.


Selenite is a gorgeous stone to hold and to work with. I would love to be able to go to the Selenite caves in Mexico. Take a look at this site so you can see just how magnificent this stone can really be.