Psychic 101

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It is my strong belief that everyone has some form of psychic ability. Some just have a gut feeling about what will make money. Pretty much every parent has it about their kids. Today let’s talk about the various forms of psychic ability.

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Clairsentience is a type of extrasensory perception. Clairsentient people can sense past, present, or future events through “sensing” them, though non-clairsentient people cannot perceive them.


Clairaudience is generally defined as the ability to hear or sense sounds that cannot be perceived by a non-psychic person.


Clairvoyance is a synonym for extrasensory perception which is defined as “any knowledge or consciousness of an event outside of seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling it.”

Divination is an often-misunderstood type of psychic ability. Divination is the act of making prophesies or predictions through the practice of occult arts.
Contrary to popular belief, this is different from intuition which is defined as the ability to perceive or act based on “just knowing” that it’s the right thing to do. Intuition is an ability that everyone can use.
Tarot Cards and tarot reading is a form of divination. Although the mainstream ideas of divination and intuition have been tweaked to seem like anyone can tap into this psychic energy field, the truth is that only a few people take the time to hone and develop their extrasensory perception skills.
How to Develop
In order to develop your psychic ability you have to practice. Psychic ability like any other skill only improves when you use it.
There are a number of psi tests on the internet. My favourite is at The Institute of Noetic Sciences or IONS. Check it out here
One thing you may find useful is that you may be better at certain games. For instance if I can name a character after someone I know I get a much higher score. If it is knowing where the x is under a square I do not do well.
A simple way you can learn without having to be online is to use a deck of playing cards and practice tuning in to what the next card will be. A friend of mine that is very psychic tried a variation of this one. Instead of trying to figure out what the next card is he would think of a card and then deal out the cards face down until he came to the one he had been thinking of. He then flipped this card over to see if he’d been correct. The more he did it the better he got.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are not a visual person normally you will probably not “see” things. If you tend to sense things rather than see or hear, then you will want to explore clairsentience.