Energy Healing

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Therapies For Healing Using Energy Focus and Intent

Energy healing can range anywhere from a manipulation of the bodies energy by a practitioner to self healing to a shift in reality. Which one suits you best?

Under the term energy healing Google lists 12,400,000 results on the specific day that this article was written. These results indicate a serious interest in energy healing. They also indicate a great number of different energy healing modalities. 189,000 results for different modalities are listed  according to Google.

Three interesting modalities are

  • Matrix Energetics
  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Touch and Breathe

Investigating each modality to discover which is the most appropriate can be a daunting task. The information included on these three therapies can assist in deciding if this is a viable option and whether or not it should be pursued further.

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is a form of energy healing to promote healing and to reduce pain and anxiety. In Therapeutic Touch practitioners will run their hands over the bodies energy field not actually touching the body. Occasionally however some touch does take place. This is done in order to sense any areas in the energy field of the client where the energy needs to be worked on. Using focused intent the practitioner will channel the healing energy through their hands to the client. The client’s body will then choose what to do with the energy.

During a session the client will be:

  • fully clothed
  • lying or seated
  • treated with respect
  • consulted as to what condition/conditions they are seeking treatment for

In Therapeutic Touch, as in other energy healing modalities, the client will experience a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace and calmness. Deep emotions may surface to be released but the experience is unique to the individual.

Emotional Healing With the Touch and Breathe Method

In their book The Energy of Belief, Sheila Sidney Bender PhD and Mary T. Sise LCSW introduce people to an energy psychology method called TAB or Touch and Breathe. Unlike Thought Field Therapy or Emotional Freedom Techniques this method does not include tapping. Instead it consists of intentional breathing while gently holding the energy meridians.
This modality allows the client to shift their energy anytime and anyplace. The key to this modality is that the client can apply it to themselves rather than have to have outside intervention. This modality is extremely effective at

  • removing blocking beliefs
  • shifting core beliefs
  • releasing anxiety
  • releasing phobias
  • removing anger
  • healing addictions

The process is simple to learn and easy to use. The book gives extremely clear instructions on how to TAB. For more information and a review of the book The Energy of Belief go to the link provided and read the article Book Review: The Energy of Belief by Victoria Anisman-Reiner.

Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is based on string theory, subtle energy physics and morphic resonance. It comes from the belief that all people are made up of light and energy that can be shifted and changed by focused intent. By communicating with the quantum field practitioners are able to transform material reality.

This healing modality can be practised effectively by anyone and beginners are able to create changes as effectively as seasoned practitioners. Gentle touch is used along with focused intent and the ability to get out of the way and let the change happen.

Although there are a number of practises in Matrix Energetics it is basically a shift in consciousness. It is based on the belief that it is possible to access a reality that is unlimited and therefore instantaneous change is possible.

This modality was discovered by Richard Bartlett DC, ND and is being used by numerous practitioners worldwide. Once the technique is understood it simply consists of a different way of viewing reality.

Although there are numerous energy healing therapies it is important to find one that is right for you. Some people feel more comfortable with treating themselves and therefore TAB would be a reasonable option for them. Others are more comfortable having a healer manipulate their energy. Still others are drawn to the scientific aspects of Matrix Energetics.

All of the mentioned modalities have had outstanding results. It is simply a case of deciding which one is for you.

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