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Paleo Diet – Easy Dessert Recipe

For those with New Years resolutions regarding diet remember, transitioning to healthier diets will assists in remaining on the diet. ┬áHere is a healthy and delicious recipe that I published on Suite 101. The paleo diet food list includes both fruits and nuts. These two ingredients combine to create a delicious but healthy dessert. Pears […]

Chocolate 101

At this time of year I generally repost my antioxidant and cacao blog. This year I thought I would try something a bit different. First the benefits and then a recipe or 2 for those panic filled moments when you just need something to put out for guests. Antioxidant Unprocessed cacao has an enormous 10% […]

Flavours of the Season

I am an Herbalist. My blogs are generally about herbs for health. I am also a cook. The nice thing about herbs is that they are both healthy and delicious. Today I thought I would cover some of the flavours of the season that are also good for you. Peppermint/Spearmint Nothing says Christmas like a […]

Herbs for Skin

Healthy vibrant skin is one of the things an aging population wishes for. There are a large number of cosmetics, procedures and wild claims out there. The best way to achieve vibrant healthy skin is through healthy eating, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. There are some herbs and foods that can help with […]