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Many Uses for Cinnamon

Here is a repost from 2014 because I am currently obsessed with cinnamon. It seems quite odd that any item could have both health benefits and remove unwanted insects as well. The beauty of becoming familiar with herbs is that you will discover numerous plants have both qualities. First, here is a little factoid on […]

Herbs for Grief

When I first came up with the idea for this blog I was unaware of the events happening in Beirut, Paris and other places. I was thinking more from a personal level. It seems only appropriate that I write it now. What Grief Does to the Body Bartram’s Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine quotes an article […]

Herbs for Coughs

We are all familiar with the cough that accompanies some colds and flus. Some last only as long as the other symptoms. Others hang on with a dry tickling cough long after the other symptoms have gone. Here are some herbs that can help with both types. Hyssop Hyssop is an herb I discovered while […]

Herbs for Pain

Pain relief is an interesting subject in herbalism. The herbs you use will depend on where the pain is and what type of pain. From muscle pulls to stomach cramps, there is no single pain reliever for all. I will cover a few of the major analgesic herbs here. Muscle Pain Arnica My goto herb […]