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Fibromyalgia Herbs

According to the Mayo Clinic Fibromyalgia includes: Widespread musculoskeletal pain Fatigue Sleep issues Mood issues Memory issues It is believed to amplify painful sensations by affecting how your brain processes pain. There is no single treatment for fibromyalgia. It is generally treated with a combination of pain medications and anti-depressants. Let’s take a look at […]

Herbs For Sleep

Todays blog is dedicated to the fact that bed is never more comfortable than when you have to get up! I have a number of friends that are experiencing the middle aged can’t sleep blues. Either the mind cannot shut off, or it wakes you up after four hours. Personally I rarely get to sleep […]

Herbs for Aches and Pains

Today my blog is dedicated to those that labour in physical jobs, to those that work out and to those that are getting aches and pains from aging.  I have recently found myself commenting that when you are young it’s painful to start exercising.  When you get older it’s painful to stop!  Some exercise is […]