Mythical Magical Medicinal Herbs

For those of us that love to cook; herbs and spices can be magical.  They whisk us away to foreign lands and other times.  For most people though, herbs are just plants.  Today I want to tell you some stories about those unassuming plants.


Love and Temptation

First and foremost almost every herb and every food has been labelled as aphrodisiacs.  As anyone that is familiar with my blog will tell you, one of my favourite things to write about is chocolate.  This unassuming pod fruit has been used as currency and to win favour, but most importantly it has always been linked to sex.

At one point ladies, we would have been banned from tasting chocolate because it would “make us wanton”.  It was saved for the male of the species.  Montezuma was the original chocoholic.  He drank a reported 50 cups of cacao a day.  He always drank a cup prior to his romantic liaisons.  Not to be outdone both Casanova and the Marquis de Sade used cacao and fed it to their lovers to increase their sex drive.



I have to admit that grapefruit would not have been my immediate thought if I were concerned with protection. 

In Magick the grapefruit rind combined with moon phases is used for protection.  Peeling the grapefruit in one piece gives you a skin that you can hang by your door during dark moon for protection.  The skin will dry out by full moon so you can pulverize it and sprinkle it on your doorstep to banish your enemies.  In Magick eating grapefruit is believed to promote chastity and remove sexual dysfunction.



Rosemary is the number one herb of remembrance myth.  Gingko Biloba may be powerful but rosemary is famous.

Rosemary was planted by the gate for remembrance and around the yard to ward off witches.  Unfortunately during the 16th century it was said that a yard planted with rosemary meant that the woman ruled the roost.  Some men would tear up the plants to prove that they were in charge.

canstockphoto9362685hands energy


Rosemary was once used at funerals for the remembrance of the dead but Parsley is the premier herb of death.

Throughout history Parsley has always been associated with death and dying.  It has been used to decorate tombs and those close to death were said to be ”in need of some parsley”.  It was at one time dedicated to the goddess Persephone the Goddess of Spring and the underworld.

All of the foods and herbs mentioned here are also amazing medicinally.

canstockphoto9095793cacao pods

Cacao – High in Magnesium which assists in the prevention of heart attacks.  See more here.


canstockphoto4153297 grapefruit

Grapefruit – A major source of antioxidants for protection of your cells.  See more here.



Rosemary – Anti-spasmodic, headache cure that guards against infection.  See more here.


Parsley – Protects against cancer and prevents tumour growth.  See more here.

Those plain old plants seem just a bit more interesting now.