Dill Protection From the Inside Out

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In an earlier blog here, I talked about the magical properties of dill.  It was used for casting spells.  More importantly, it was used for protection from hexes.  In fact, it was used for protection in general.   

While I can’t say for certain whether it was effective against hexes. I can say that in the research I’ve done, I have discovered that dill has a protective effect on the body. 


Dill contains volatile oils that can neutralize specific carcinogens.  This makes it chemo-protective against various types of smoke including charcoal barbecue and cigarette smoke. 

The Anti’s

Dill is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.  The oil of dill has been tested against a number of bacteria and found to be effective.  It has currently been found to help in cases of dysentery.   In addition dill helps to prevent illness by strengthening the immune system.  A study done in 2011 showed that there was a large difference in the effectiveness of dill oil depending on the season the dill was grown.  Winter dill had far less antibacterial effect than summer grown dill.  

Dill and Your Bones

Dill is a rich source of calcium.  This makes it effective for preventing bone loss.  The site calciumrichfoods.org includes fresh dill on its list of the top 10 herbs for calcium. 


Antioxidants play a huge role in protecting your body.  They seek out and destroy free radicals that can damage the healthy structure of your cells.  No one is immune to free radical damage. 

Dill is rich in vitamin C which is one of the most well known antioxidants.  It helps protect your cells and slows down the aging process.  In addition vitamin C is extremely important for the health of your connective tissue.

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Some of the other protective benefits of dill are:


Arthritis – Dill is anti-inflammatory and can help manage the pain of Rheumatoid arthritis 

Respiratory – dill oil has antihistamine and anti-congestive properties which can help clear the respiratory system 

Digestive – dill activates digestive juices and bile production.  It increases peristaltic motion (the forward and back motion) in the intestines which in turn prevents constipation. 


The cautions for using dill are in the medicinal dosages.  Dill is not recommended during pregnancy because it may bring on menstruation.  It is also not recommended for those on lithium.  It’s diuretic effect can dilute the strength of the lithium and reduce its effectiveness.