Anti-Inflammatory Food


Inflammation in your body can be not only dangerous, but downright deadly.   It can be a factor in the development of heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and certain cancers.  It is also thought to be a contributing factor in an inability to lose weight.  While an inflammatory response is a good thing for healing injuries, ongoing inflammation takes a toll on your health.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however.  There are a number of foods and herbs that can help reduce inflammation.  There are also a couple of eating plans that can work wonders quite quickly. 

Following The Mediterranean Diet has been shown to reduce a number of health risks including inflammation within a short period of time.  The version of the book that I have, is available here.

The other eating plan that works amazingly well is Meals That Heal Inflammation which is available here.  I watched my beautiful cousin follow this plan.  Not only did she lose weight but her health improved.

Things to Avoid

The usual culprits are processed foods, white rice, pasta and bread, sugar.  Also high levels of Omega 6 oils can lead to inflammation.

Foods That Help


Fatty Fish – Salmon and mackerel are two of the “fatty fishes”.  They contain high levels of omega 3 oils.  Supplements can be beneficial, however having a regular diet that includes high omega 3’s is much more beneficial.

canstockphoto1398429 almonds

Nuts – There are two extremely beneficial nuts.  Almond which are a perfect food with the right protein carbohydrate mix, also contains vitamin E and calcium.  Walnuts contain Alpha-lineolenic acid which is a form of omega 3.  Walnuts can lower cholesterol significantly.  See my blog here for more information on nuts.

canstockphoto3212394 Kale

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables –  These vegetables contain Quercitin which is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory bioflavonoid.  I could go into great detail here about the benefits of leafy greens, but there is an excellent source of information here.


Bright Coloured Foods – Berries come to mind as well as bell peppers and tomatoes.  Berries are high in antioxidants which can prevent damage to cells that would result in an inflammatory response.  Bell peppers and tomatoes are high in antioxidants, however, they are thought to increase the pain of arthritis.  They are members of the nightshade family.  As with all food suggestions, you need to find out which foods work for you.  If your pain increases after eating nightshade vegetables, remove them from your diet. 

It’s not possible to touch on everything that is important about inflammation in a single blog.  The information here is just generalized.  If you are really interested in what inflammation can do to your body, I recommend that you start your research with Foods That Heal Inflammation and go from there.