Herbs for Energy!


 Sorry for the repost folks.

If you are like most people you sometimes have a day when it is just difficult to get going.  There’s an herb for that! 

Ginseng/Siberian Ginseng

There is a difference between these two amazing energy boosters.  There are 2 main varieties of ginseng.  The Asian ginsengs or Panax ginseng and the American ginsengs or Panax quinquefolium.  These versions of ginsengs are generally thought to be “male”  They increase energy and have traditionally been used to increase the libido. 

Siberian Ginseng is from a different species with similar properties or Eleutherococcus senticocus.  Siberian ginseng is thought to be “female” or cold energy.  It increases energy as well as assisting with female hormonal issues including menopause.

Ginsengs activate the adrenal gland and stimulate the bodies energy reserves.  According to a Vancouver Sun blog a study done by the Mayo clinic found that “Ginseng is an adaptogen and can help adrenocortical function leading to improvements in energy levels.” 


Sometimes known as “Indian Ginseng” ashwaganda is also an adaptogenic herb.  As quoted in my blog on Ashwaganda May 26 the NIH (National Institute of Health) states that ashwaganda has been found to increase stamina and decrease stress.

Ashwaganda works on the adrenal gland by regulating cortisol levels. 

Wheat Grass

I knew very little about wheat grass so earlier this year I decided to begin taking it to see if the hype about wheat grass giving you energy was true.  I can attest to the fact that my energy levels went up.  I couldn’t find a source for live wheat grass so I went with supplements.  I most decidedly had more energy.

Wheatgrass increases hemoglobin which carries oxygen through the body.  The increased oxygen is what is thought to provide the increased energy. 


Nettles strengthen the kidneys and the adrenal glands.  Strengthening the adrenals causes you to have more energy.  Nettles strengthen the adrenals by increasing the action of metabolic hormones and returning the adrenal glands to normal metabolic functioning.  In addition nettles are an all around tonic herb for women.  They are a refrigerant which assist in menopausal hot flashes and they are extremely nutritious. 

Adrenal Glands

By now it is obvious that one of the factors in exhaustion are the adrenal glands.  What are they?

The adrenal glands are the glands in the body which emit hormones such as adrenaline.  The “fight or flight” hormones come from the adrenal glands.  They also regulate blood sugar use.  The spikes and valleys of energy come from blood sugar levels.

In the modern world of stress deadlines and more stress the adrenals are being worked hard.  Sometimes too hard.  Supporting the adrenal glands through herbs can make a world of difference in your energy levels.

For more info on the adrenal glands try trust report.com or endocrine web.com. 

As for me I’m going to make a big cup of nettle tea!