Archive | July, 2015

Health Benefits of Oranges

Just added a link to a new Positive Wellness Article on oranges.  Check it out! Most people know that oranges are high in Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from free radical damage.  There are health benefits to eating oranges that you may not be aware of. Oranges […]

Health Benefits of Rosemary

  The BBC has an article regarding the effects of rosemary essential oil on memory so I won’t belabour that point.  Instead I will place the link here.  Instead I will focus on some of the other amazing health benefits of Rosemary.  Some of the benefits are: Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Protects and prevents brain aging Cancer […]

Herbs for Energy!

 Sorry for the repost folks. If you are like most people you sometimes have a day when it is just difficult to get going.  There’s an herb for that!  Ginseng/Siberian Ginseng There is a difference between these two amazing energy boosters.  There are 2 main varieties of ginseng.  The Asian ginsengs or Panax ginseng and the […]