Herbal Energy

I generally like to keep my blogs to herbs that are easily accessible and possibly even in your kitchen.  Today I want to explore some lesser known herbs that can help boost your energy.  Most herbs that have this effect are adaptogens.  This means that they assist your body’s  resistance to stress, fatigue trauma and anxiety.

 canstockphoto21964918 ashwaganda


According to the Global Healing Center, a study was done on long distance cyclists which showed that supplementing with ashwaganda improved respiratory and cardiovascular endurance.  Most of us are not long distance cyclists but we can still benefit from this awesome herb.   These findings mean that you can improve your workout as well as your day to day life by using ashwaganda. 

Ashwaganda has been used for centuries to improve the function of various mechanisms in the body which have deteriorated with age.  It has also been given to improve energy in depleting disease.  It has even been used to treat the fatigue of chemo therapy. 

Ashwaganda helps your cells to produce more ATP which is the primary unit of cellular energy.  This natural energy boost  means more energy without side effects.



Astragalus is used in Chinese medicine as a Qi tonic.  It is used to reduce weakness and improve energy.  According to Asian Health Secrets there is even some evidence that it increases telomerase which prevents DNA death. 

Astragalus, like ashwaganda has anti-oxidant properties which prevent free radical damage and protect your cells.  It also helps support the immune system.   The University of Maryland Medical Center states that studies show that astragalus seems to help people who have been weakened by chemo therapy and radiation to recover faster.



Nettles are one of my all time favourite herbs.  They sting if you brush up against them but they have enormous health benefits!  They are full of vitamins and minerals.  They are so nutritious that you can live on them for fairly long periods of time.  They contain calcium, selenium and zinc among other minerals.  Their enormous quantity of vitamins and minerals are what give them the energy zing.   

Nettles purify the blood making sure that all systems are working properly.  Getting an energy boost from a strong cup of nettles tea will help you get through the day without fatigue.  You can even put them in soups and stews or just cook them like spinach.  Caution though, you may want to use gloves to harvest them.



Gingko is an ancient remedy.  It is generally thought of as a memory enhancer but it is so much more.  I use it for varicose veins.  It strengthens veins and blood vessels which means smoother blood flow.  This is part of the reason it can assist in boosting energy.  When your system is operating smoothly it increases vitality.

Gingko also increases the creation of ATP.  Since your cells are getting more energy you will have more energy overall.  It is also antioxidant which means less free radical damage and that slows down the aging process. 

All of these herbs are also considered excellent for the brain.  They all have other health benefits which can be a wonderful side benefit.  As with all herbs though, you want to research interactions and make sure they are right for you.