Cucumber Lemon Water

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For some time now I have been seeing references to cucumber water in shows and movies.  I started to wonder what this is all about so I decided to look into what the benefits are. 


Cucumber has a number of benefits for your health.  Assisting in such issues as:

  • Dehydration
  • Diabetes
  • Skin Inflammation and acne
  • Gout
  • Arthritis pain

Cucumber contains Silica which promotes joint health, strengthens connective tissue and even helps your hair and nails grow strong.  It helps in gout and arthritis by lowering uric acid levels.

It’s anti-inflammatory properties can ease puffy eyes and calm the inflammation of skin from acne, eczema and oxidative damage.  It can also cool the pain of sunburn. 

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Cucumber is 95% water which helps your body hydrate.  Cucumber is also a source of electrolytes.  Electrolytes are used by your nerves and muscles to function.  They need to be replenished and cucumber can help.   

Adding cucumber to water gives you great hydration and replenishes your electrolytes but it can actually make you drink more water.  This is because it tastes great!  I was VERY tentative about trying cucumber water because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the way it would taste.  I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be adding cucumber to my water as often as possible. 

Diabetes and Cancer

Cucumber contains lignans which have been shown to be beneficial in treating cancers and cardiovascular disease. 

There is a hormone in cucumber which the pancreas uses in producing insulin.  This has been shown to be beneficial to people with diabetes. 

Cucumber also contains vitamins like vitamin K, A, B1, B6 C and D.  It contains potassium, magnesium and calcium. 



Lemons are amazing.  They are anti-bacterial , anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and more.  They make your water alkaline and kill some viruses and bacteria.  For the full story check out my blog here. 

So, why should you drink cucumber lemon water?  First off it is extremely good for you.  There are a myriad of health benefits to this mixture that go beyond the ones I’ve mentioned here.  The other positive about drinking cucumber lemon water is that it tastes fantastic.  On a hot day it is much more refreshing than drinks which contain sugar.

Tastes good and is good for you.  What more can you ask for?