Archive | June, 2015

Cucumber Lemon Water

  For some time now I have been seeing references to cucumber water in shows and movies.  I started to wonder what this is all about so I decided to look into what the benefits are.  Cucumber Cucumber has a number of benefits for your health.  Assisting in such issues as: Dehydration Diabetes Skin Inflammation […]

Borage the Happy Herb

    I think my favourite part of researching herbs is finding out their stories.  Just like people many herbs have fascinating histories.  Borage is one of these plants.  History  During the time of the Roman Empire, it was not unusual for soldiers to spend years away from their homes and families.  Since the usual […]

Herbal Energy

I generally like to keep my blogs to herbs that are easily accessible and possibly even in your kitchen.  Today I want to explore some lesser known herbs that can help boost your energy.  Most herbs that have this effect are adaptogens.  This means that they assist your body’s  resistance to stress, fatigue trauma and […]