5 Herbs for Your Skin

One way you can incorporate herbs into your daily life is by using skin healthy herbs.  There are a large number of herbs and foods that can revitalize the skin but today I am going to cover five of them.  Some will be well known while others may be a surprise.



Anyone that has been stung by nettles will probably say huh?  A nettle sting is intensely painful but used on the skin, nettles are beneficial.

Steep a nettle tea bag for 10 minutes and then let the tea cool.  Use a cotton ball to bathe your face with this refreshing tea.  It will reduce any redness on the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  It can reduce itching as well as the redness.  The antioxidant properties in nettles will help protect your skin cells from oxidative damage.  Less oxidative damage, the younger the look of the skin.


Coconut Oil

Anyone that knows me is probably groaning by now.  I love coconut oil for EVERYTHING!  I have written numerous blogs on coconut and my new book will definitely have a chapter on coconut.

For your skin, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer.  Using a small amount nightly can prevent wrinkles, moisturize and make your skin glow.  It will even remove your makeup.  Don’t be frightened at the oily feeling.  Coconut oil doesn’t clog pores or cause pimples.  It actually protects against pimples due to its anti-bacterial properties.

Age spots?  Just use some coconut oil for a week or so and watch the spots fade.

Anyone that has had a toe fungus will attest.  It is nearly impossible to get rid of it.  You can get medicine that is expensive and makes you extremely sun sensitive.  Coconut oil to the rescue.  Like any herbal remedy this one takes time but is very effective.  Coat your feet in coconut oil and cover them with socks.  Not only will your feet be soft but your toe fungus will disappear.  The new nail will grow in healthy and fungus free.

canstockphoto17948569 witch hazel red

Witch Hazel

I love witch hazel.  It is an old fashioned treatment but it really works.  Witch Hazel is a cleansing astringent.  It reduces redness and puffiness through its anti-inflammatory properties.  It also gets rid of bruising and assists with easing varicose veins.

It tightens and firms skin and refines your pores.  Witch hazel is also an analgesic which along with the effect on inflammation makes it excellent for decreasing the redness and pain of eczema and psoriasis.

canstockphoto14514403Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe can be excellent for keeping your skin moisturized.  Its anti-inflammatory properties will reduce the redness and puffiness of skin.  It is anti-bacterial which means that it is excellent for treating acne.  Aloe has both vitamin C and E which are powerful antioxidants.  This means they will protect your skin from free radical damage.


Do not use Aloe of any kind if you are pregnant or attempting to get pregnant.  One of the major actions of Aloe is as an abortifaciant.  It just isn’t worth the risk when there are so many other natural things you can use.

canstockphoto3206801 chamomile


Last but definitely not least is chamomille.  There are a number of different ways to spell chamomille but it is an excellent skin treatment.  Chamomille is anti-inflammatory as well as containing skin healing components.  For the full story check out Herbhedgerow here.

Not only does chamomille get rid of the red, it also heals the skin!  It soothes the emotions and the skin so the next time you make a cup of chamomille, make a little extra.  Your skin will thank you.