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I purchased some Lavender tea for a presentation I am doing and realized that I haven’t done a blog on lavender!  Lavender is one of my absolute favourite herbs.  I love to grow it for the hummingbirds and bees.  I love to smell it, drink it and heal with it. 


Lavender is one of the all time great stress relief scents.  You can keep it by itself or mix it with rose petals.  I make a nice potpourri from the combination.  When things get stressful you just sniff and your world becomes a little lighter.

For a fuller description of lavender for aromatherapy see Passiflora Aromatics blog here. 

Lavender Healing 

Lavender is;

  • Antifungal
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory 

It is thought to be helpful in nausea, bloating, vomiting and gas.  It is also useful for insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain relief, toothache and much more.  Many people use lavender oil for migraines and headaches. 

Studies have been done showing that lavender oil applied daily can help with hair regrowth in alopecia. 

There is a caution in using lavender and lavender oil in conjunction with Central Nervous System depressants like Morphine and oxycodone.  Also anti depressants/anti anxiety drugs like Atavan, Xanax and Diazepam.  Check out the University of Maryland Medical Centre page here. 

Lavender Food  

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog I love lavender tea.  One of my favourite teas for calming is a combination of 1 teaspoon lavender flowers and 1 teaspoon of lemon balm.  Combine them in a tea filter or ball and steep them for 3 minutes.  This combination works amazingly well as an iced tea.

Lavender Lemon Balm Iced Tea 

Combine 3 Tbsp lavender flowers with 3 Tbsp lemon balm in a 6 cup tea pot.  Steep until the liquid is cool.  In a pitcher place some ice cubes and pour the tea over.  Feel free to add cold water and honey to taste.  Serve over ice and garnish with a sprig of either herb.  If you add honey make sure you do it while the tea is still hot so it melts. 

Lavender gives a fantastic flavour to shortbread cookies.  I have recipes in many books for this but here is a link to Lavender Lemon Shortbread from Pastry Affair and another from The French Farm.  Finally here is the recipe from Allrecipes.  I love my shortbread to melt on the tongue so I tend to use powdered sugar rather than granulated. 

One caution that has to be mentioned is that many lavender products are made with artificial lavender scent.  Unfortunately although they can duplicate the smell of lavender in a lab, they still cannot duplicate the healing benefits.