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Almonds For Luck and Health

Almonds have a long history from Egyptian caravans to modern day.  They have been found in tombs and are written of in the bible.  In modern times they are excellent for preventing cancer and heart disease.    Mythology  Both the Greeks and the Portuguese have similar myths about the almond tree.  In the greek myth […]


I purchased some Lavender tea for a presentation I am doing and realized that I haven’t done a blog on lavender!  Lavender is one of my absolute favourite herbs.  I love to grow it for the hummingbirds and bees.  I love to smell it, drink it and heal with it.  Aromatherapy Lavender is one of […]

Food Glorious Food

Last weeks blog went sideways into raw food.  This week I will get into some easy and healthy cooked food.  Although the most health benefits are derived from the raw foods, you can still benefit from them after cooking.  The NIH, National Institute of Health did a comparison of the effect of different methods of […]