Limes Are Surprisingly Healthy

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In the days of the seafarers scurvy was a serious threat.  Sailors suffered from lack of access to fresh fruit and vegetables.  The British Navy began giving rations of lemon or lime juice to each sailor to prevent this.  It is still used today by those that have jobs in polluted environments.  It is great for the skin, aids in digestion and can even help with diabetes.  All in all the humble lime is a superfood!

Limes are thought to have originated in Southeast Asia and been taken into Europe by Arab traders.  Columbus is credited with introducing limes to the West Indies.  Currently Mexico is the highest producer of limes.

Limes assist in 

  • Preventing Cholera
  • Cancer
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Gum disease
  • Digestion

Limes and Cancer

Limes contaim flavonol-glycosides.  These compounds have been found to prevent and stop cell division in certain cancers.  Lime juice can prevent cell division and increase cell death.  It has been found to be beneficial in fighting cancers of the mouth, skin, lung, breast, stomach and colon. 

Limes and Cholera

Limes have an antibiotic effect which has been shown to inhibit the contraction of cholera.  A study was done in a 1996 outbreak in Guinea-Bissau West Africa.  Adding lime juice to the sauce served on rice had a protective effect.  Adding lime juice to water was also protective.

Limes and Arthritis

The monocytes in limes have been found to reduce painful inflammation and swelling in body tissues.  The antioxidant abilities of the vitamin c in limes is thought to protect joints against free radical damage thereby protecting them from arthritis. 

Limes and Skin

The antioxidants in limes keep your skin fresh and glowing.  Lime protects skin from infection, removes dead cells and generally is a pick me up for tired skin.  It can cure dandruff and is refreshing in a bath. 

Limes and Digestion 

The smell of limes makes most peoples mouths water.  This actually assists in digestion from the very beginning.  The additional digestive saliva created by the scent of the lime adds to the breakdown of food.  The lime itself helps increase digestive juices, bile and acids.  The acidity in lime helps break down the foods.  Lime also assists with peristaltic action which moves the food through your digestive system. 

Limes and Diabetes 

The soluble fibre in limes assist in the regulation of blood sugars preventing blood sugar spikes.  The low glycemic index of limes also does not contribute to blood sugar spikes. 

All in all the lime is an amazing addition to your diet.  It tastes great, is refreshing and can help you to heal and stay healthy.