Witch Hazel is Magic

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Witch Hazel or Hamamelas virginiana


One of my favourite things about being an herbalist are the funky names for the plants.  One of my favourite all around herbs that conjures up Halloween visions, is Witch Hazel. 

Although witch hazel used to be taken internally, my school teaches that it is used for external use only so that is what I will stick to here. 

Some of the uses for witch hazel are 

  • anti-inflammatory
  • styptic
  • coolant
  • cleansing astringent
  • skin irritation 
  • haemorrhoids
  • varicose veins 

An application of witch hazel daily can reduce the appearance of varicose veins.  It can also heal bruising if you apply it several times a day.  Just soak a cloth in witch hazel and apply it to the affected area. 

Witch hazel has a reputation for reducing puffiness so if you have been crying or not sleeping or just generally have sore puffy eyes just soak 2 cotton balls in witch hazel and place them over your closed eyes,  This will help them return to their normal look.  Make sure you squeeze out the excess witch hazel or it will be uncomfortable running down your face!

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Witch hazel can be applied to scrapes and cuts to stop the bleeding and protect the wound from bacterial attack.  In previous times witch hazel was kept in the house to treat cuts, scrapes, bruises and burns.  It is also an excellent treatment for bug bites. 

Witch hazel is a cooling anti inflammatory so you can use it to treat inflammation from all sources including strained muscles, joints, burns and sun burn. 

You can use witch hazel to treat eczema and psoriasis.  The anti inflammatory properties will reduce the redness, the analgesic properties will reduce the itching and burning and it’s amazing skin healing properties can even help prevent any scarring. 

Witch hazel has long enjoyed use in the cosmetic industry as an astringent to tighten and firm skin.  It is used to treat acne refresh the skin and refine pores. 

Unlike cosmetic astringents, witch hazel does not dry out the skin.  It actually seals the moisture in so applying it after washing your face helps keep your skin moisturized.  It’s anti inflammatory properties help keep your skin soft and reduce red patches. 

According to Eleganceandbeautyreviews you can use witch hazel to treat wrinkles by saturating a cotton pad with it and holding it on the wrinkle for a minute.  I am definitely going to try this one!!! 

One of the very best aspects of with hazel is its price.  You can normally get a fairly large bottle for a couple of dollars.  Considering the range of benefits this is definitely good value for your money.  Do yourself a favour and try it today. 

The only side effect is that some people may find they have an irritated reaction.  This is not common.