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Alterative Herbs?

  These are a number of herbs that detoxify the blood and lymph and promote the renewal of tissues.  Some of them are: Burdock  Echinacea Dandelion Nettles Chicory Alfalfa Ginseng Goldenseal  I will cover a few of these today. Burdock  Burdock or Arctium lappa has been used for centuries by herbalists for a variety of […]

Natural Memory Boosters

  Some of us have been blessed with excellent memories, others not so much.  Even people with good memories need to take care of them.  What is memory? states that “memory is the ability to remember past experiences.  When I went to school to become a Hypnotherapist we were taught that the conscious mind […]

Witch Hazel is Magic

Witch Hazel or Hamamelas virginiana   One of my favourite things about being an herbalist are the funky names for the plants.  One of my favourite all around herbs that conjures up Halloween visions, is Witch Hazel.  Although witch hazel used to be taken internally, my school teaches that it is used for external use […]