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Ginseng the Wonder Herb

A little early due to the long weekend. For thousands of years the Chinese have prescribed ginseng for everything from an immune boost to erectile dysfunction.  What does it actually do.  If you have read my blogs that mention ginseng you will know that there are a couple of different types.  The warm ginseng Panax, […]

Basil Pesto and Medicine

  A big Thank You to Crystal from Passiflora Aromatics for always providing me with new ideas for my blog. Today I want to delve into the wonders of Basil.  Basil or Ocimum basilicum was also known as St. Joseph’s Wort not to be confused with St John’s Wort. In Wiccan lore basil is used to maintain fidelity […]

Bergamot the 411

  Recently my aromatherapist friend was telling me that there is a significant controversy surrounding the use of bergamot.  Since bergamot is one of my favourite herbs for both tea (Earl Grey) and baths (kind of like soaking in a tub of tea) I thought I would look into it.  What is Bergamot and What […]