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Health Benefits of Cabbage

  I thought since I am craving cabbage almost daily now, I would do today’s blog on it.  Cabbage does have excellent healing properties.  It helps dry up milk flow in mothers that are ending breastfeeding, lower cholesterol, boost your immune system and is even thought to ease the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.  Cabbage […]

Herbs For a Happy Heart

  Today I thought I would blog about one of the herbs that people may not know about.  Borage has a very long history as an antidepressant herb.  Elizabethan cooks used the flowers in salads to “make the mind glad.”.  It has been brewed into beer and was a staple in the Roman Army where […]

Calming Herbs

  This one is for my friend Crystal at Passiflora Aromatics.  Thanks for the suggestion. There are a number of herbs that have excellent sedative effects. Some of them are  Lemon Balm Valerian Skullcap Hops Lavender  Since Lemon Balm is my favourite I have written an entire blog on this.  See the posting at my […]