Archive | June, 2014

Natural Migraine Relief

Several natural remedies are useful for the treatment of migraine headaches.  Two important treatments for the relief of migraines are magnesium and feverfew. In 2003 the World Health Organization estimated that three hundred and three million people suffered from migraines worldwide.  Of these twenty five percent of all migraine sufferers are women and eight percent […]

Herbs for Energy!

  If you are like most people you sometimes have a day when it is just difficult to get going.  There’s an herb for that!  Ginseng/Siberian Ginseng There is a difference between these two amazing energy boosters.  There are 2 main varieties of ginseng.  The Asian ginsengs or Panax ginseng and the American ginsengs or Panax […]

Dill Healing Magical and Tasty

  Dill pickles are a yummy garnish for a sandwich, dill flavours fish and in my house potato salad.  Did you know that it’s also an excellent witch repellent?  It has medicinal properties too.  It aids digestion, reduces flatulence, assists in kidney disease and helps coughs colds and bronchitis.  Myth and Magic  Dill was not […]

Grapefruit Healthy and Zesty

  Today I thought I would introduce a snippet from my upcoming book.  I believe very strongly that food is medicine so the more natural and unprocessed you eat the better your health will be. “Grapefruit, a bathin’ suit, chew a little Juicy Fruit, wash away the night” Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit by Jimmy Buffet My hero […]