Celery Only Seems Boring


Celery is the topic of the day and you will be surprised at what this most ordinary of foods can do for you.  Some of the uses of celery include

  • Sedative
  • Diuretic
  • Carminative
  • Gout
  • Pain Reliever

Celery and Pain

Celery contains Cox2 inhibitors.  Cox2 inhibitors are Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs that target the inflammation that causes pain.  This makes celery an excellent pain reliever for things such as arthritis and rheumatism.  Cox2 inhibitors have the added benefit of causing less stomach problems than other pain relievers.  Celery has been used to prevent gas and bloating for centuries as well as preventing stomach pain.

Gout, Diuretics and Blood Pressure

The Cox2 inhibitors in celery also help reduce uric acid which is what collects in your joints causing arthritic conditions and gout.  Too much uric acid build up can cause disease beyond gout and arthritis.  Such things as kidney stones, hyperuricemia, kidney disease, renal failure, diabetes and leukemia are also the result of high uric acid levels.  The way celery removes excess uric acid is through its action as a diuretic.

Celery seed has been used for centuries in various conditions but is mainly used currently as a diuretic.  Diuretics are important for relieving water retention and lowering blood pressure.  The more water and salt that your body gets rid of the easier it is for your heart to pump.

The pthalides (lactones) in celery help to relax the smooth muscle linings of blood vessels thereby reducing blood pressure.  Pthalides also work to dilate blood vessels causing the blood to flow easier.

Remember that any diuretics cause your kidneys to work harder.  People with kidney disease, diabetes and renal failure should consult their physician prior to any self medication.

Many blood pressure medications are also diuretics and again please consult your physician prior to adding any diuretic to your healing regime.

Celery the Sedative

The pthalides in celery are thought to be the cause of its sedative effects.  Pthalides are natural sedatives and can cause drowsiness.

Celery oil is used for nervous anxiety and stress relief according to Livestrong.

The Fun Stuff

Men’s Health recommends celery as a way to attract more women.  The androstenone and androstenol pheromones released by chewing celery, apparently turn men on and cause them to release their own pheromones that will attract more women.    


The information in this blog pertains to using celery in medicinal amounts.  It is generally thought to be safe in food amounts.

Those with blood pressure issues, kidney problems and diabetes should check with their physician prior to using celery in medicinal amounts.

Pregnant and lactating women should avoid celery.  It can assist in starting menstruation and is useful in slowing and stopping lactation.

WebMD shows the following interactions

Levothyroxine – Thyroid medicine


Photo-sensitizing medications (Sun sensitivity)


We tend to take celery for granted.  It is a convenient stir stick for drinks, great with cheese and peanut butter, adds flavour to soup and is gnawed on by dieters everywhere.  Celery truly adds to the growing conviction by many people that nature provides all we need to stay healthy and thrive.