Paleo Diet Breakfast – Granola Recipe


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I recently had the need to Google my name and was surprised to find it all over the internet with a recipe I had created and posted on Suite101 back in 2010.

I decided to repost it here for any of you that have not already seen it.  It is a healthy and preventative Paleo alternative to regular breakfast cereal.  This and many other recipes will be part of my upcoming book.

Crunchy and naturally sweet this granola recipe will satisfy.  Best of all because it is grain free this is a perfect Paleo Breakfast recipe.

The Paleolithic Diet has been around for thousands of years.  For four decades a number of doctors have written books praising the paleo diet.  In 2002 Loren Cordain Ph.D. wrote a book called The Paleo Diet which is a much lower fat version than some of the earlier writings.

The premise of the diet is that our ancestors ate a diet composed of meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  Starches and grains were not part of their diets nor were processed foods.  Modern man, by cutting out things other than the basic four categories can gain strength and energy and relieve a number of illnesses caused by a diet humans were not intended for.  These diseases are known as Syndrome X diseases and include:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Gout
  • Blood Clotting
  • Obesity

No grains are allowed on this diet so that means the breakfast staple of cereal is not part of the eating plan. No need to worry. The list of paleo diet foods has everything you need to make a healthy cereal.

The following recipe for Primal Granola is both healthy and delicious.

Primal Granola


1/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

1/4 cup unsalted sliced almonds

1/4 cup raisins

10 Hazelnuts halved

5 Macadamia Nuts halved (unsalted)

5 Cashews (unsalted)

1/4 cup berries (optional)

1 Banana sliced (optional)

1/2 cup almond milk


Place all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!

Almond Nutrition

Almonds are a perfect balance of protein and carbohydrate.  They have no cholesterol and have been thought to assist in:

  • Cancer Prevention
  • Reducing heart attack risk
  • Lowering cholesterol

Almonds are considered an excellent source of phytochemicals.  One ounce of almonds contain 12% of your daily dose of protein.  An ounce of almonds contains as much calcium as 1/4 cup of milk and they are the best whole food source of vitamin E.

Coconut Benefits

Coconut is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre as well as being highly nutritious. Pacific Islanders have used coconut as medicine for centuries. Recently published studies show coconut benefits for:

  • Killing viruses
  • Killing bacteria
  • Killing fungi and yeasts
  • killing and expelling parasites
  • Boosting energy and endurance
  • Improving insulin secretion
  • Improving digestion
  • Assisting the pancreas
  • Preventing osteoporosis

The above list is just a fraction of the list of published studies.  For more information on coconut benefits visit Coconut Research Center

It seems that the diet of our ancestors included many foods that are beneficial to human health.  These days people are removed from understanding that food can in fact be the best preventative health measure of all provided it is natural and non-processed.