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Tea 101

Tea shops have been increasing in number recently.  Most malls have a tea shop where you can purchase unique blends of loose leaf tea.  The increase in these shops validates what tea drinkers have known for a centuries.  Tea is good for you. Tea blends that include sugars and candies are excluded from the list […]

The Dark Side of Parsley

Who hasn’t gone to a restaurant and found a sprig of parsley decorating their plate?  In fact the Roman statesman Pliny boldly claimed “not a salad or sauce should be presented without it.” What most people aren’t aware of is that parsley was once thought of as Satan’s plant.  This belief was thought to be […]

Herbs for Indegestion

Happy New Year Everyone! In honour of the season of overindulgence here is some info on herbal indigestion remedies.   Peppermint Peppermint is the stand by remedy of the ages.  Peppermint is a carminative which means it will alleviate gas.  It increases peristaltic action which helps the food move through your intestinal system and it […]