Cilantro and Coriander One Plant Two Medicines


Cilantro is one of those herbs that when used for cooking people either love or hate!  What many people are unaware of, apart from the medicinal benefits of cilantro, is that it is the leafy part of the coriander plant.  By growing one plant you actually are growing two herbal medicines.


The leaf of the coriander plant aka cilantro has a number of medicinal uses

  • Increase appetite
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Aids with digestion
  • Heavy metal Detox
  • Antibiotic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aids in lowering blood sugar
  • Aids in lowering bad cholesterol


The list goes on and on.

The most famous use of cilantro is juicing in order to remove toxic heavy metals from the body.  It is able to remove mercury and aluminum from adipose fat tissue.  Studies have shown that it also removes lead from affected animals.


Inflammation is a hot topic (pun intended) these days.  Numerous anti-inflammatory diets are popular.  The reason for this is that inflammation is at the root of many diseases such as arthritis, cancer, bowel disorders and even depression.

Cilantro to the rescue!  The anti-inflammatory properties of cilantro can reduce inflammation.  This in turn will reduce the pain and swelling of arthritis.  Cilantro is anti-rheumatic as well making it excellent for treating rheumatism.

The antioxidant properties of cilantro protect the cells from oxidative damage which causes inflammation.

The hypoglycemic effects of cilantro are currently being studied with a view to lowering blood sugar levels.  This herb has actually been used for this purpose throughout the centuries.


When researching on the internet you will find that coriander and cilantro are used interchangeably. 

Coriander is sometimes called Cilantro seeds.  If you grow cilantro and let it go to seed you will have a bumper crop of coriander.

Being the same plant coriander has many of the same actions as cilantro.  The information is just easier to access.  WebMD mainly lists the digestive uses of coriander.  

Although coriander is indeed excellent for aiding digestion, increasing appetite, preventing bloating and gas it has many other medicinal actions as well.

Coriander has been used to lower blood sugar, decrease inflammation, remove brain fog and treat cancer.

The antioxidant properties of coriander protect the cells of the body from free radical damage.  Coriander has also been effective at treating neurological damage.

Anxiety and Depression

One of the most surprising actions of coriander is its use in treating depression and anxiety.  The anxiolytic and sedative properties of coriander make it excellent for this purpose. 

As well as treating anxiety coriander is known to improve memory and it is also used in some parts of the world to treat insomnia.

Yes folk’s coriander and cilantro have been used throughout the ages as aphrodisiacs.

Warnings and Interactions

There are no warnings as yet for cilantro/coriander but I would like to mention a couple of cautions.

These herbs have slight blood thinning properties so those on blood thinners should eat them in culinary amounts only.  Check with your doctor prior to consumption to be sure.

Pregnant women should avoid cilantro/coriander completely.  No studies have shown to have adverse effects but better safe than sorry.