It`s All About the Heart Part II Cholesterol and Magnesium Deficiency


It`s hard to know which of these two issues to discuss first.  Most people have heard about cholesterol but very few know about the magnesium deficiency epidemic.  Let`s start there.


Both Canadians and Americans are magnesium deficient.  Canadian estimates are in the 42% range with Newfoundland around 65%.  In the US 80% of the population is magnesium deficient.

What Does Magnesium Mean to Your Heart

The heart requires potassium and magnesium to function properly.  When heart problems occur magnesium is usually the major mineral that is missing.  Magnesium

  • lowers blood pressure by decreasing coagulation
  • assists in reducing angina pain
  • assists with irregular heartbeat

The good news here folks is although you can take a supplement for magnesium, you can also use CHOCOLATE!  Not just any old chocolate bar will do however.  70% cocoa or higher chocolate is the preferred chocolate bar.  Cocoa made with almond or coconut milk and honey or coconut sugar rather than milk and sugar is also excellent.

Since I am allergic to most chocolate products, my favorite way to consume this super food is to eat Cacao nibs, cacao beans or my favorite Fruity Cacao.  Many are available in health food stores but the only source I have found for the fruity cacao is Sunfoods.  There is a link at the bottom of all the pages in my website so you can go check them out.

Most raw food treats are also made with cocoa powder so if you love chocolate, raw treats are an excellent way to get your chocolate fix, your magnesium supplement and your yumm factor for the day.



One of my favorite descriptions of cholesterol comes from a book I read. I am not sure of the author but it describes cholesterol as a Band-Aid for your arteries.  Cholesterol builds up to protect weak spots in the arterial wall and hardens over time.

Although it is a defense mechanism of the body, a build up of cholesterol will clog your arteries and impair blood flow.

Vitamin C is an excellent supplement for vascular health.  It tones the veins helping to remove any need for cholesterol build up.  Another easy way to help your vascular system is to drink water; lots and lots of water.  Water keeps veins hydrated again preventing the need for cholesterol build up.

Shitake mushrooms are excellent for removing cholesterol once it has built up.  They are like SOS (scouring) pads for the arteries.  A diet including shitake mushrooms several times a week will help remove the existing cholesterol build up and prevent any new build up.


Last but not least is my absolute favorite healing food of all time!  Coconut heals practically everything!  It feeds the cells in your body and brain, as well as your heart.  It also assists in cardio-vascular health by removing and preventing build up of cholesterol.  As an added side bonus, because of the difference in the way it is absorbed by the body, coconut oil actually helps your body reduce existing fat deposits and inhibits new build up.

Weight is one of the factors working against heart health so it is nice to know that there is at least one fat out there that can heal both the body and the heart.  Dark chocolate macaroons anyone?  (homemade that is)

This series of articles is in no way intended to replace the advice of your Doctor.  The purpose of these articles is to assist you in making preventative choices prior to pharmaceuticals being needed.


Stay tuned next week for herbs that can help your heart health!