Wheat Grass, Does it Have Health Benefits or is it Just Hype Part II



In July I had a friend ask me what I knew about Wheat Grass. My answer was virtually nothing.  I decided to do some research and found some interesting claims.  Claims of reducing obesity, changing hair to its natural color, assisting thyroid function to name a few.

As an herbalist I had no hands on experience of wheat grass.  I also do not think that writing things off without a fair trial assists herbal medicine in any way.  I decided to try it out on myself.  I could always use the extra energy.

For the first couple of weeks I hunted around for a supplier of wheat grass that was natural and local.  I also contemplated getting a juicer but since I couldn’t find the grass or seeds locally I finally went with supplements.

Flora has a product labelled simply “Wheat Grass tablets”.   The first bottle I bought had the instructions “7 tablets 1-3 times daily”.  This seemed like serious overkill so I went with 7 tablets in the morning.

This stuff will definitely clean out your colon!  I didn’t notice an increase in energy but I did notice changes in my weight and muscles.  It appeared that although my diet was in an off cycle I still took off weight. 

I have worked out off and on for years and although I wasn’t working out at the time I noticed definition coming back.  I added a slight work out and it was much more effective than ever before.


After I finished the bottle of tablets I didn’t get any more for almost a month.  Although I was eating the same I stopped losing weight and stayed about the same.  I continued the workout but I didn’t notice the definition coming on as well as it did with the supplements.

I got another bottle of tablets by the same company, Flora.  This time I had a stomach ache the first day.  I read the label and it now says 1-3 capsules twice daily before breakfast and dinner.  I have taken 3 before breakfast for 3 days now and here is what I have noticed.

  • My energy level has increased appreciably
  • The fat distribution in my body is changing
  • My workouts are having a much greater effect
  • Food cravings are for vegetables and healthy items

I notice the effects of Wheat Grass on my weight the most because I am actually very healthy.  I also noticed that when my hair color faded this time it was a different color.  Who knows what will happen in the long run but I am excited to find out and will occasionally post updates.

Flora appears to have changed the bottling and the producer that it imports the supplements from.  This tells me that there is definitely a difference in quality from one supplier to another.

For those of you with juicers that want to go completely natural I say go for it.  Grow your wheat grass from seeds and juice daily.  I’m afraid my cat would fight me for it if I grew it from seed.

For those of you with extra busy lifestyles I can honestly say that the Flora supplements which are labelled “Organic” are an excellent choice.

Please add a comment and let me know how you do with your wheatgrass experience good or bad.

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